Tuesday, November 24, 2015

The First Full Weekend Of November

Well, we're still a little behind on our blogging. This post is for the first full weekend of November. We will be caught up soon! 

The first full weekend of November was upon us and it was still pretty warm outside. The last few weeks have found us visiting some outdoor sales which should have almost disappeared by now but the weather has allowed them to continue on. You would think that would have given us more sales to attend. It hasn't. The sales have been pretty weak for the most part and we have not been able to make that up in numbers. There haven't been that many sales of interest. When our list of Saturday sales were drawn up, we found another very short list. Nonetheless, we were optimistic, as always, so off we went to find unexpected treasures...we hoped! 

Our first sale was located just one town away and was advertised as an estate sale with "vintage items" and it listed "walkers" as one of the items for sale. There were no pictures in the ad but we were hoping that this was one of those quiet sales filled with great old items. It wasn't. It turned out be an outdoor garage sale with little of interest except a few very overpriced items. Sale #1 was a bust. 

Sale #2 was in the same town and was run by one of our favorite tag sale companies. There was a line when we arrived but we were willing to wait to find the "vintage Christmas" that was listed amongst the items. Our wait outside was only fifteen minutes.

We spotted this repro radio in the garage. It was not for the sale. This belongs to the tag sale company and is a familiar site at all of their sales.

The basement was big and there was a lot of searching to do down there! 

We spotted a mounted pencil sharpener in that basement and that always seems to be a good sign! 

The house also had a main floor and a small upstairs to search. There were a few Christmas items but none were what we would call vintage. Still, it was a worthwhile stop as we left with records, books, cookbooks and an old pink crochet octopus toilet paper holder. 

Sale #3 was an annual church rummage sale which, like most church rummages sales, are not what they were years ago. We left with a pair of cookbooks. 

Our final sale was at an "all vintage sale" which had no pictures in the ad. It did mention "Christmas" but was on its second day. We arrived to find another outdoor garage sale. This was run by one of the flea market vendors we know. There were no Christmas items of interest but we did find a book and some cookbooks of interest and they came home with us.

It was a short day of saling but it did give us more time to visit Monica's dad at her childhood home. We always try to stop by after saling and we always have a nice time there.

Here are the things we found on a short saling day:



A pair of 7 inch records

Some record albums

More record albums

And more record albums

A vintage crochet pink octopus toilet paper holder. The daughter of the decedent was at the home where we found this. She said that her aunt made it and that it been on the bathroom shelf forever! 

Saturday may not have been filled with sales but we did find a few nice things. More importantly, the weekend was filled with time spent together. Nothing could be ever mean more! 


  1. Every home must have a basement. That would be very odd around here. I would love a basement to get away from tornadoes. Also do you ever find a pencil sharpener upstairs or are they always in the basements?? I had totally forgotten about Gary Lewis and the Playboys!

    1. Do you have a basement, Granny Annie? Some places on Long Island have them but many do not (we don't). Since we are surrounded by water, many homes (mostly along the south shore) have high water tables and basements are not possible. We live about two miles north of the Great South Bay (separated from the Atlantic Ocean by a small strip of beach).
      We do find pencil sharpeners, occasionally on other floors, but we find them, primarily, in basements. We both grew up in homes with basements and that's where they always seemed to be! (Rob)

    2. I do not have a basement or a storm shelter. It drives my sister crazy that I won't have a safe room installed in case of tornado. Very few people have basements around here but lots of folks build their houses partially inside a hill.

    3. I wish you had a basement for just such an emergency! I have seen houses built inside of a hill but they are, for the most point, outside of Long Island (Rob)