Thursday, October 10, 2013

Two Weeks Of Saling In One Day

Two weeks of saling in one day...well, that was the plan. Next weekend will be completely occupied by family events so we think our window for saling time will be completely closed. We will go through withdrawals, we suspect! We always make lists of potential sales from what we can find on the Tag Sale Company websites, Craigslist, the local newspaper's website and some websites that try to list every sale in the area. It has been months since we found a "sure thing" so we whittle the list down to a plan that offers both potential and in areas where many sales reside. Our final list had thirteen sales.

Shortly before we left, the neighbor who lives behind us stopped by to tell us that a neighbor was having a sale and had lots of vintage Christmas items and would definitely let us in before the official start time. New plan...we had a new first stop!

...and a great first stop it was! We had time to ourselves to dig through the Christmas boxes without competition! We found lots of great vintage Christmas items at a very low price. Even if we found very little else the rest of the day, we were bringing home some great things!!!

Our first two planned stops were also in our town and they described their sales as having "vintage" items. Neither had anything of interest and we added nothing to the car load. On the way back from the second of these sales, we passed a nursing home, also in our town, and their were lots of tables set up outside. Nursing homes always have potential because the residents typically have older items. Unfortunately, as we soon realized after going from table to table, this sale was essentially a fundraiser for the nursing home with tables rented out to anyone who wanted to see things. No older items purchased. Off we went for our Saturday breakfast.

Our next stop was unusual. It was an estate sale run by a Tag Sale Company that looked really good but we were wary about this one. We try to avoid their sales because their prices are usually way too high, often turning the thrill of discovery quickly turn into  disappointment.

 It WAS an old house. Just look at the cool screen door...

...and it WAS a digger which many floors to explore. Monica loved the attic as did Rob. It had very low ceilings and Rob was warning everyone who came up to watch their head. Despite the warning, almost everyone bumped their head (including Rob). In the end, despite the fact that this was the second day of the sale, we found some great things  and, while not at huge bargain prices, what we got was reasonably priced and we walked away with a smile!

Our next two stops were located in a town about 15 minutes away. There was nothing spectacular in their descriptions but they offered potential. The first one was pretty bad and had nothing to interest us...

...the second stop was at an estate sale run by a recently discovered Tag Sale Company. There was not much here either and we left with just one small Thanksgiving decoration.

As we pulled down the street, we saw an estate sale sign; a stop not planned on our list and the third "surprise" stop of the day. There was not much but we did find an old cocktail shaker and a Santa candy dish (made in Japan) for 50 cents each so it was a good stop!!!

Our next stop was at an estate sale run by the family of the deceased. There was not a lot to look through but the people were nice and we got several records, a beer tray and an old New Year's Eve noisemaker, all at a very, very low price...good stop! 

Stop#10 was 30 minutes away but it was run by a small Tag Sale Company where we have had success. We picked up two old record racks and one record and the price was cheap...good stop!

Plus stop#10 had a mounted pencil sharpener in the basement. This always makes us smile!

Our 11th and final stop of the day was 20 minutes away and it was described as "the estate of a 90 year old man". The relatives must have taken most of his stuff because there was very little here at all! We came away with five records for a total of $1 and, while that was a great price, we were both disappointed that there was so little here!

On the way home, we both decided to stop for an early dinner at one of our favorite places...

All American Drive-In which has been around, virtually unchanged, forever! It is busy year round!

We were pretty happy we stopped! The ducks approved...our stomachs approved!

Here are some of the things we got today:
Some records

Some Christmas records

More Christmas records

And...more records

Even more records

Party lights, a plastic Rheingold beer tray, an old squeak toy, a cocktail shaker, a New Year's Eve noisemaker, a plastic Thanksgiving decoration, a vintage Easter card and an old cookbook

An old snowman blow mold and two old record racks

Lots of old Christmas items, most of them made in Japan

Vintage Christmas fabric and tree skirt

Old Christmas ornaments, a fake fireplace still in its box and a tree trimming guide

An old turquoise patio umbrella in fantastic shape! Its bottom pole was missing but we have the exact same umbrella in blue and the bottom pole is interchangeable!

It was a beautiful October day...two best friends doing what we love together and with the one we love and, although we won't have next weekend to go saling, it will be a busy weekend and it is now October so....

...time to start decorating for Halloween! 


  1. That Christmas tree skirt is lovely and in such good condition. I finally went to a few sales last week but it was just no fun without Ron. I bought nothing at the sales but I did stop at my favorite flea market and found a beautiful Murano bracelet.

    1. awwww...Granny Annie. :(
      We know Ron is there with you in spirit at the sales and always! Glad you found something that made you smile! (Rob)

  2. oooh! Love All American burger - and your Halloween blow molds make me want to start collecting them, they look so cheery! (MUST. NOT. START. ANOTHER.COLLECTION!)

    Always fun to vicariously Yard Sail with you!

    xo Mod Betty

    1. Thanks, Mod is a special place!
      As for the Halloween blow molds...ha ha!!! (Rob)

  3. WOW! A 'record' setting day! YEH for unplanned stops! ...and double-YEH for basement pencil sharpeners ;-)!!

    1. ha ha...we DID find a lot of records that day. We smile whenever we see the basement pencil sharpeners...we know you understand why, svelteSTUFF! (Rob)

  4. I really regret selling my cardboard fireplace a few years ago.

    It was the only one I ever found -- it was new, unopened and I bought it for $1.00.
    I sold it for $175 when I really needed the money.

    Still I would rather have the fireplace :(

    Glad you found one!

    1. and that's a real rare find! We have a couple of the fireplaces but this is the only one we found in a box (though it was definitely opened). We hope you find another real soon!!! (Rob)