Wednesday, October 23, 2013

On The Road Again

After a very busy weekend last week and very little time for saling, our plans were very, very, very simple for this weekend...get back on the road again on Saturday and spend Sunday catching up on housework, running errands and be done in time to watch The Walking Dead (our favorite show on television). Our target list of stops for Saturday was compiled and we were all set but first...

...there was a church sale to go to on Friday night. It is an annual sale, sometimes held in October and sometimes as late as December. It is in Monica's hometown and she has been going to this sale almost all of her life.

We got there early to beat the rest of the crowd to the potential goodies. The horses in the playground seemed to be rushing to get to the door too!

We found this statue which appeared to be Abraham Lincoln as a zombie. We did not get it but we did get lots of records from the 1980's for 50 cents apiece plus some cookbooks and a Piano 27 from Hohner for $3.

Our first stop on Saturday was a sale run by the family of the deceased and was on its second day of the sale. There were a few nice items but not much and what was of interest was way, way, way overpriced! They had a box containing six holiday Gurley candles from the early 1950's and they wanted $50 for the box! We left the sale empty handed.

After a stop for breakfast, we arrived at our second stop, a sale being run by the family but under the consultation of some people who had been in the Tag Sale business at one time. 

The basement floor was old and had a tile with a duck! 

It was the second day of the sale and some of the "50 years of accumulation" were probably long gone but it was definitely a fun house to search and Monica kept her eye out for buried treasure! In the end, we came away with an old Tupperware pie container, one Christmas figurine and a few cookbooks at a very low price.  

The next two sales yielded nothing. The first one was an outdoor estate sale and was very overpriced. There would have been lots of records to consider but they wanted $3 apiece so we saved ourselves the time and did not search the record crates. There were a few other overpriced items that we would have considered at a lower price too. The second sale just did not have anything of interest to us at all. It was not a total loss because we stopped at a garage sale just down the street and got one old cookbook which the lady gave us for free! 

Our fifth "planned" stop was an estate sale offering "50 years of accumulation" and was run by the family.

Look at that great countertop. Boomerang! 

A close-up of the boomerang counter top. It was the original counter from when the house was built in the 1950's. The house did have some cool, older items but they were very overpriced. We went home with one "Build It Yourself" set of plans to build a Santa (from 1952) and a pair of new slippers (with tags) for Monica.

Planned stop#6 was at an estate sale run by a Tag Sale company that are fairly new to us. They are very friendly and well-organized but we think they have only been in business for a short time. Perhaps they are a spin-off from an experienced company because they seem to know us better than we do them.  

Rob found a statue of one of "his people". We did not bring him home.

There was a cool oven built into the wall. It was the original oven from when the house was built in the 1950's. We do run across some old ovens in our adventures but this was so small compared to most that we have seen. That's Monica's hand in the picture trying to provide a size reference. Either that or she is auditioning for a role on The Price Is Right. them what is behind Curtain #2! 

This was the best stop of the day. It had everything we love...some old decor, lots to dig through and fun discoveries. We came home with a lot of interesting things at a good price.

Our last stop was at a church sale. They are always hit or miss. Sometimes there are a lot of great old items and sometimes there is nothing at all! We found two older easter decorations for a grand total of $1 so it was a good stop.

Here are some of the things we brought home with us this weekend:
Some cookbooks

A "Build It Yourself" Santa kit, a cool old "Pick A Pickle" bag, an adult games book from the 1960's (it's clean), some green and plaid stamp books, a cool Sesame Street 7-inch record and an old hair net package with the hair net inside.

A Piano 27 from Hohner. We will be experts in no time!

Playing cards, a Florida picture viewer from the 1970's, a vintage postcard from The Holiday Inn, a Tupperware pie container from 1954 from the Millionaire line, some cocktail stirrers and a ceramic Scottie Dog made in Japan

Various holiday items

The weather was fairly nice all weekend, we had fun on our Saturday adventures and we accomplished all that we needed to do on Sunday and even had some time to rest. It was a great weekend together.  It always is. 

We are two ducks swimming together in the same direction...we are two peas in a pod


  1. You are too much! Love the little horses rushing to the sales. lol

    1. ha ha! They seemed to be as anxious as we were to see what was for sale! (Rob)