Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Our New Bullet Planter

The bullet planter from an estate sale was in poor shape, someone had painted it white and the bottom was completely rusted!

A couple of months ago we took off the paint revealing a faded orange fiberglass planter.  The bottom part was sanded and repainted black this past week. Here is the finished product! Our new orange bullet planter!!!!


  1. Once again I say, you guys are just too clever!

  2. Wow. 100% turnaround! Well done! Love that orange colour.

  3. Great job - quite the transformation! We recently acquired a bullet planter (our third) - this one is painted and we need to remove the paint - how did you do it? We are concerned about using chemical strippers.

    1. Thanks, Charles! We know what you mean! We have a few bullet planters and most were found in good shape. We were concerned about using chemicals too. Peel Away (can be found at Home Depot) will remove it but it took some work! Give it a try!