Friday, October 18, 2013

The "No Saling" Weekend saling. It was a busy weekend filled with commitments and we knew that we would not be doing our usual thing. No Saturday breakfast big Sunday breakfast at saling. Rob did not even look at the sales scheduled for the weekend. He didn't see the point. He did not want to know what he might be missing. Monica peeked. She wanted to know.

Saturday was a day for the Mill Neck Fall Harvest Festival, an event that Monica and her family have gone to since Monica was a little girl. It is held for a full weekend and, the last few years, we have all gone on Sunday so it did not affect anyone's Saturday routine. This year, Monica's niece, Michelle, was visiting from Florida and she is due to have her first child in January. Sunday was the day of her baby shower and she really wanted to go to the festival too (she used to go with the family when she lived on Long Island as a kid) so Saturday it was! 

The is beautiful and huge!

The family after eating. Say cheese!

On the steps of The Manor...the view is beautiful!

Rob saying "cheese"... again! Rob is a cheese fanatic and finding the Cheese Shop makes him very happy!

The kids had a great time. Posing on the big rock

In front of The Manor...two nieces, one nephew and one "nephew on the way" 

Taking a break. A family photo opportunity.

It was a great day and the weather was perfect! We had plans for the evening at Monica's sister's house for dinner and had a little time for ourselves to rest in between. On the way home, we saw a garage sale sign and our instincts kicked in so we stopped. We know...NO SALING...but it was a quick stop and there was little of interest. There were a couple of boxes of records but they were priced too high so we did not even look at them. We walked away with one old cookbook for 50 cents.

Monica in a pretty dress for Michelle's baby shower on Sunday. Monica's brother-in-law, Lenny, drove Monica and her sister and the kids to the shower and then the two boys were invited to stop by later to eat some leftovers. Rob and Lenny both brought hearty appetites with them! 

On Monday, we both took the day off to recoup from the weekend and have some time for ourselves. We decided to spend the day on Long Island's North Fork, enjoying the beautiful October day

 We visited the Riverhead Raceway Muffler Man. The last time we were here was just before Hurricane Sandy. In the storm, he broke in half. We were glad to see that he was restored and back to his rightful spot. Rob is one sixteenth Cherokee Indian so he feels that he is one of "his people"

So we ran across this "antique" shop on the way out east and stopped in. this was only the second sale we went to in this "no saling" weekend. Shhhh...don't tell anyone. We got a yellow Lustro ware coffee canister and a bunch of old green stamp books for a total of $2. That toy box on the lawn was marked at $45. We have the same one at home.

On the way out east, we saw the giant Popeye statue that sits upon a truck in Aquebogue...

...and a giant corn on the cob on the same farm.

For lunch, we stopped at The Cutchogue Diner which has been around forever.

Look at the cool counter and stools! Hey...there's Monica on the right!

The napkin holder was glad to see us. He appears to be smiling!!!

When we arrived in Greenport, there is a small strip of buildings on the north side that are so cool. 

There's this great old sign for the Drossos Motel...

...and this sign for the Drossos Miniature Golf and Snack Bar. Just look at that ice cream cone!

Here's the snack bar. It has been there forever!

...and it still has an old mechanical horse!

A Thrift Shop is right next door. Okay, so maybe it wasn't a "no saling" weekend. We'll call it a "limited saling" weekend. Inside, we got one old ashtray and one record.

A little up the road, we stumbled upon The Silver Sands Motel

Look at that cool sign...

and as we went down the driveway to take a even cooler sign! WOW!!!!

A great neon sign above a motel that seems to look exactly as it did in the 1950's!

It is right on the water

The outside of the motel rooms are painted turquoise and pink.

This is a view of the turquoise side. There is a pink side too.

Old screen doors...a plus in our book. We have decided to stay here a couple of days next year!

In Greenport, there are so many old stores and old signs

Wines and Liquors

The Whiskey Wind Tavern sign

Arcade Department Store. Great old sign and the inside has wooden floors and old display cases

The Coronet Luncheonette in Greenport. It has been around since 1949

A view from outside of the great luncheonette counter. We will eat here next time!

Rob found another one of "his people"

A view in a store window in Greenport. Lots and lots of ducks!

Yes...we bought a few. A zombie, a vampire, a turkey and a flamingo

We spent a few hours walking around town just enjoying a beautiful day

Here is another old sign just on the outskirts of town

On the way back, we stopped in Mattituck for some ice cream

Magic Fountain Ice Cream

It used to be a Dairy Queen and they left the old dairy Queen display atop the roof!

It was a great day out east and a good day to enjoy a day off at the end of a busy weekend. Driving home, we waved to all of the wineries, corn fields and farm animals we passed on the way...even the sheep who didn't even seem to notice!

Although it was a "no saling" weekend, we managed to get a couple of things
A Christmas record

Some green stamp books

A Lustro ware coffee canister, a cookbook and an old ashtray

You see? Even when our routine changes and the saling Gods forsake us, we still have reason to smile. We have the ducks...we have each other.


  1. Nothing says "Christmas" like a fur lined mini and go go boots. Just sayin'.

    1. Ray Conniff sure agrees with you, Dolly!

  2. Saling or not, your weekends are amazing! Monica, I feel like I know every member of your family personally and, of course, Peter is my all time favorite:)

  3. Thank you! they grow up so quickly!