Saturday, May 11, 2013

One Step Ahead Of The Rain

Another Saturday (yay!!)
Another day of saling (double yay!!)
The forecast called for rain most of the day so we knew that anything outdoors would be cancelled. There were not a lot of choices today on the Saturday of Mother's Day weekend. Many Tag Sale companies want to run two day sales and Mother's Day means slow traffic to their doorsteps so many just simply took the weekend off. Still, there were a few opportunities out there and we made our list last night. Of course, as the morning came, and the rain, we crossed off our first stop which was a church sale which listed a "rain date" so we knew that would be cancelled. we went to the second stop on our list...another church sale.

There was a big sign awaiting our arrival. It was May 11th. There was a sale!

 We picked up a few things at the church sale but this was NOT ONE OF THEM. We both looked at each other at the same time and said the exact same word..."scary". 

This was the location of the next sale. The "Estate Sale" sign had been blown down in the wind but it had now stopped raining and it was time to go hunting. This was definitely a "digger". There were some old cabinets and furniture in great shape (and  over priced) but we found a few vintage greeting cards, a great vintage barbecue book and a few other little things so the trip was worthwhile! 

Our next stop was another church sale and, thank goodness, was only 12 minutes away because it was the worst sale ever! We left quickly and went to our last "definite" stop which was about 30 minutes away. We always have a few "backup" stops in case all the sales are bombs and it is still early!

A nice friendly handmade sign to greet us in front of an older house! It was being run by the family. 

Look at the kitchen! What great cabinets and drawers!!!!

A cool stove built into the wall!

The back room...perfect for parties!!!

Another view of the back room!

We spent a lot of time at this last house and got a few great things. We decided to head back home (about 45 minutes away) after this last stop because the "backups" would have ended about the same time we pulled up to their houses! We beat the rain, found some cool stuff and, well, we had each other's company to share! :)

Some of the things we got today:
A hat for Monica! It was made in the early 1970's and has plastic strawberries on it. You just don't see many hats with plastic fruit on them anymore. 

An old red cabinet organizer. We already have ones in turquoise and white

Some barware, a pineapple ashtray from 1963, some holiday rubber ducks and a Santa troll doll from 1964, still in its package!

Some vintage jewelry for Monica! Sparkly!

A great barbecue book, some vintage greeting cards and an old pack of pipe cleaners

This is a picture of us from last weekend at the old Town Hall in one of their old jail cells. We are happily prepared to serve "life" together amongst the ducks.


  1. We avoid church sales. The are crammed with lots of stuff but not very good stuff. I think the church members donate things they could not sell in their own garage sales.

    Personally I don't think God ever intended for us to wear fruit on our hats and that's why you don't see those hats anymore. Is Monica really going to wear it? Of course she is! LOL

    1. Church sales are no longer what they used to be and, you are right, so many are filled with junk! However, they do have two aging congregation which often means older stuff and, of course, Christmas items! Sometimes we have been lucky enough to find some treasures. Yesterday, we found a Santa troll doll from 1964, still in its package...for 25 cents! As for the hat, I encouraged Monica to seriously consider getting the hat. I KNEW she would wear it...and she will! ha ha!!! (Rob)