Monday, May 27, 2013

Memorial Day Weekend Barbecue

We decided to host a Memorial Day Weekend barbecue at our house this year. We had it the day before Memorial Day since no one had to work the next day and we could relax and have fun with the family!

We set up the kitchen table in anticipation that we would have very hungry guests and we would need barbecue plates (and an ant tablecloth)...

...and utensils in pineapple holders (and a netted scented candle to keep away any stray, and uninvited, flying visitors)...

...and a place for condiments and pickles.

We made sure we had barbecue books ready just to read up on some last minute tips. Our chef did not have to cook so he kept the barbecue books safe!

The outside was ready with the table all set...

...a radio... lights...

...and the American flag!

Finally, our guests had arrived and we were ready to barbecue!

Rob was barbecuing steaks, burgers and hot dogs but, as the master barbecue chef, would serve no food until they had reached barbecue perfection! 

Monica wore her new hat!!!! :) 

Relaxing with family as the food was cooking. Monica is still wearing her hat! 

The kids were entertained by the bubble frog...

...while the adults could have an adult beverage in a plastic tiki or monkey glass!

The kids and Monica's brother, each wearing a Fez!

Once the food was ready, everyone dived in! A barbecue platter told everyone they were getting close to where the food was laid out!

The food...well, some of it. Rob was busy slicing the steaks so they had not reached the table yet!

Kiss the cook! Monica was very happy with the chef.

And a great barbecue and a great night were capped off with sparklers! 


  1. Awesome!!! I put up my patio umbrella today and now need to look for a matching table cloth like the one you guys have! I've never seen one before and now must find one for under my umbrella...thanks :)


    1. Thanks, Mary! We found these separately, believe it or not! The tablecloth was found about 6 months after we found the umbrella! You will find that tablecloth, Mary...when you least expect it, you will find it! (Rob)

  2. 'IF' you have recovered from the weekend BBQ... and are ready for some Bloody Marys ~ We will start serving them promptly @ 7:30am 5/31 & 6/1 (coinciding with our annual GARAGE SALE - 8am opening!!) ~ Come join the FUN!! Central NYS (Auburn) isn't 'THAT' far... right? (ha, ha!)

    1. ha of these days, svelteSTUFF! We both hope that it is really fun and successful! We look forward to the pictures!!! (Rob)

  3. Love it! All of it!
    That hat turned out fab! I'm making one FOR SURE!!!

    1. ha SHOULD make that hat, Dolly! Monica loved making it but she loved wearing it even more!!! (Rob)