Friday, May 10, 2013

Cuatro de Mayo

We had our second annual Cinco de Mayo family party to host Saturday evening (a day early...see the previous post) so our time was scarce. There were many possibilities out there but nothing was a stand out. We decided to select four sales to try so we could get home by 2 pm and finish our preparations for our evening fiesta. Two were close by and two were a little further away but, with a little luck, we could get to them all and maybe find something that would both make us smile! 

The first one was in a house but it had nothing of interest to us. The second was a multi-family outdoor garage sale that advertised vintage items but the only thing we saw was a few old books that were of no interest. It was time to stop for our traditional Saturday morning breakfast out and then try our luck at the other two sales on our list.  

After a 30 minute drive, we arrived at the third sale. As it turned out, the house was packed and we knew the company running the sale and had some success before (at reasonable prices). Things were looking up!

This was the attic and it was cluttered! Monica was looking through the books! We spent over an hour in this house and found plenty of great things!

Cool back door!

We decided, after this third sale, to call it a day since we did not want to cut our party prep time short and we were so very happy with what we found so far! Monica was so giddy, she drew a heart on my car window. Ha ha!  :)   Oh, my car is never this dirty, this is pollen from the trees which was very heavy the last few days!!!! You can see Rob in the reflection of the window taking this picture.

On the way home, Monica took a picture of this gas station with the coolest architecture. Monica has passed  by this place so many times as have I (it is in my home town) and we have always admired it. It was an old service station when I was a kid and, aside from a change in paint and ownership, the building remains pretty much unchanged! 

Oh, we did make one more stop before arriving home. Of the 80 billion garage sales signs we saw on our way back home, Monica was drawn to one sign and we followed it. As it turns out, her intuition was right...we picked up two small blow mold Santas from the 1960's, a hillbilly kneehugger elf and a couple of other vintage Christmas items there too!

Here is some of the stuff we brought home with us...
Some old shadow boxes. We may paint them black

Some Christmas items. It's a Santa Party (and a few elves)!

Some holiday records...Christmas and Latin America Holiday!

More records...Hawaiian and Latin!

 Tons of cookbooks!

Other books, stencils and all purpose paper filters!

Miscellaneous items including candles, old Easter picks, another vintage catsup squeeze bottle and Bic Mac himself! 


  1. GET OUT! I have never in my life seen a hillbilly knee-hugger elf!! Holy mackerel, that's cool! You found some great things. What are those ducks in the last shot?

    1. It WAS different, Eartha. We got him along with the two Santa blow molds and some other great Christmas stuff at that garage sale that Monica just "felt" as we approached the sign. The ducks are a pair of squeak toys that appear to hold a baby bottle in it! (Rob)

  2. Love shadow boxes! We have found that the sales with the biggest boasting ads are usually not very good ones.

    1. Same here, Granny Annie! So often, it's the ones where we don't expect much that have the things we like best! (Rob)