Tuesday, May 21, 2013

My new hat! (Monica)

On Pinterest and numerous blogs, there have been posts of the sunglasses hats.  Like this post on Modern Kiddo and my Pinterest board Topper.  The hats originated in the late 60's.

This hat is a Henri Bendel, 1965. It is in the Los Angeles County Museum of Art.  Even Kate Spade made a reproduction hat recently which retailed for over $75.00.  Other versions can cost $50.00 to $100.00.

Some other variations of the hat, this red one is from the 60's.

This one has hair!

We went to our favorite thrift store a number of times. I spotted a hat and left it there. I finally decided to buy it. The hat was plastic-lined and it really is a container for a plant. We paid maybe 25 cents or 50 cents for it. The hat was in the closet for the past 6 months untouched. Finally I decided to fix it up for our Memorial Day Barbecue. 

 Here is the hat before anything was done to it.

Plastic lining in the hat. It does have a tag that says it is for a plant.

 At first I went to Dollar Tree to look and see what they had. The craft store was just a couple stores away and I was going to run there next.  I stopped by the sunglasses and had an idea.  I will use cheap sunglasses for the hat!!!!! I bought a pair for a dollar and when I got home I actually found one I liked better in a glasses drawer of the jewelry box and used that one instead.  They were from a dollar store years ago. 

It was not fun or easy cutting the holes out.  A piece shot up and hit me in the eye!!  I glued felt in the inside so the edges of the cut holes would not poke me!

Then I used a glue gun to put the sunglasses on after I removed the plastic arms.  Rob said that I should add some type of sunglass arms on the hat.  I was not sure if they just went to the side or all the way around so I just put a ribbon around the entire hat.  Rob then suggested eyebrows.  We had  mustaches all over the house from our Cinco de Mayo party so I just took one of those and cut it into two pieces.  They have sticky stuff on them and can easily be removed or re positioned if I want to.  Rob helped with the placement and size of the eyebrows (no Brooke Shields or uni-brows here!)

TA DA!!!!! The finished product!!!!!!!!!!!
Can not wait to wear it for the Memorial day Barbecue!!!!!


  1. I expected to see this on you. Hopefully we will get to see you model it soon. Good job!

    1. Yes!!! I will wear it on Sunday!!! For our Memorial Day Barbecue!

  2. I've always wanted one of those hats, but they're terribly expensive! This is a great idea! Making my own for summer now! Thanks!

    1. COOL! I will have to check and see your pictures when you post them!