Sunday, April 7, 2013

Slim Pickings

No, not Slim Pickens from Dr Strangelove but slim pickings! There just did not seem to be a lot of exciting sales listed this weekend. We had to choose from sales within about 25 miles of our house since Rob's car was in the automotive shop and we had to be back by 2 pm to pick it up. We narrowed down our choices and off we went!

Our first stop was just a few blocks from our house and just said "Huge Multi-Family Yard Sale". In truth, it was a cosmetic/toiletry surplus sale and we left quickly and empty handed. We found this next stop by accident a block or two away and just decided to stop. There was some nice vintage furniture and it had a pink bathroom and a bar downstairs (which we did not see as the guy was only selling things on the main floor) and, although we only left with one item (a Christmas decoration for $1), we had fun seeing the house. 

After a stop for our Saturday morning breakfast, we continued on to the next stop, one of the two that seemed to hold the most promise. We were happy to see the sign in front. We have been to their estate sales before. Monica was anxiously waiting for me to put my camera away and to accompany her inside!

A picture of the bathroom inside of the house. Blue and pink! 

Look at that bathroom floor!

The basement had cool tile floors and the patterns changed with each section of the basement!

Another section of the basement floor! There were some sparkly tiles!

This was the section of the basement floor nearest the downstairs bar

The basement bar! Rob, as usual, carefully searching the area for hidden treasures!

Monica stopped her hunting just look enough to pose behind the bar. Check out the great bar stool in front of the bar! there were four of them and they were already sold!

And the bar's countertop was boomerang!!!! 

We got a lot of great stuff at this sale. Unfortunately, our remaining stops were not as productive. The other stop that we should might have some great stuff (because the name of another tag sale company was in the ad) was just a garage sale a the house of one of two brothers who run a tag sale company and he was just trying to get rid of some surplus from previous sales. We spent 10 minutes just talking with him, since we know him, and all we had interest in was a ceramic squirrel which he told us to take for free. We also went to a non-existent church rummage sale (we both misread the is a few weeks away from now) and another sale that had nothing of interest.  Although we didn't get a lot, we loved what we got and, of course, we had fun together. We love our life together amongst the ducks.

Some of the stuff we brought home
Some great old books and pamphlets on the FBI and spies.

More books! 

This garbage can was attached below the bar at our best stop of the day and has a removable pail inside. It is made by Kitch 'N Handy is seems to have been made in the 1950's. Perfect for beneath a bar or sink!

Some Playboy glass ashtrays. They are taller than the typical glass ashtrays!

More stuff including a "Suck 'Em Up" Hawaiian Mai Tai glass and a metal ashtray bucket made in Japan. And...there's our free squirrel!

An old metal beer tray, a metal thermometer from the 1960's and another "In The Dog House" wooden hanging (we have a few of these).


  1. My father was a Methodist minister and we moved about every 4 years. I have seen all of that floor tile either in our various homes or on the basement floors of the many churches. I have not, however, EVER seen or had a pink and blue bathroom. Yikes! Ya gotta love a free squirrel:)

    1. Those old tile floors are so great! We were both exposed to pink bathrooms as kids (though not pink AND blue at the same time either) and our hearts are set on recreating a pink bathroom for our future house. ha squirrels...agreed!!! (Rob)