Saturday, April 13, 2013

Boomerang, Toomerang, Zoomerang!

Our first stop was not the greatest. There was no sign on the door and most of the house was already stripped of most of the items (by the family members).  We did get a few things.  

On the side of the stairs to the basement we saw what was left of the pencil sharpener!!!!

The GPS directions were really messed up for the next sale. We circled around some street where the numbers ended and finally we found the place after checking the cross streets on Craigslist.  This one was just a garage sale rather than the Estate sale which it seemed to be in the ad.  We did get a couple of things here though!

This is a sign for the third sale.  It was a lot better than it looked. The interior was Miami Viced out  (according to Monica).  We got a lot of great vintage Christmas items here.  We had to dig though a bunch of new Christmas items to get to them.  We knew the Estate sale people from another sale that we call the  "Mr. Ed" sale. The "Mr. Ed" sale had a split door leading from the kitchen into the living/dining room area. Rob poked his head through the door and said "Willlllllbur".  The tag sale ladies remembered Rob right away and he was asked to do Mr. Ed impressions four more times today. He accommodated their request!

 The next one had a lot of newer items in it.  We managed to get a few cool items here.

Monica in the basement hoping to find something good.

 This was the sign outside the last sale.  The outside of the house looked similar to the one in the back of this picture.  All the houses in this area looked like this.  Monica got a little excited because the last house that had the boomerang in the kitchen was the SAME style house!

 Knotty pine, boomerang counter tops and old appliances (and the 1970's groovy wallpaper).

 The wall oven was pretty cool.

 A top loader dish washer! Super cool!


The man who lived here was a pediatrician.  The house is a split level style and the Doctor's office was in the lower part of the house.  Here is the bathroom floor in the office. 

And here is the patient bathroom.

                                      Here are some of the waiting room chairs.

Another level down was the BAR! Rob is checking our the stirrers.

Rob crawled under to get to back to check out the barware.

Here are some items we got today!
Some records.

Some of the great Christmas items we got today The glass ornaments were from the first sale and the others were from the Mr. Ed sale.

Assorted books. There are three drink books from liquor stores. One is from The Farmer's Market that we both used to go as kids. Another was from "M & R Liquor Store". That is Monica and Rob! 

A round plastic outdoor tablecloth with a hole in the middle for our table.  It is in great condition and the fringes seem perfect!  We already have the matching umbrella which is in perfect condition!

A cool football game that Rob mentioned that he had "something similar when he was a kid" at the sale...twice... and that became the catch phrase of the estate sale while we were there.  The ladies kept saying that Rob had a similar football game as a kid. A Santa plastic door cover still in the package.  A bar aid that tells us how to make drinks (made in Japan).  A newer rubber duck (we must get the duck). A serving tray that Monica had as a kid.  Her mother ONLY used it to serve the canned shaped cranberry sauce on Thanksgiving. Her sister uses hers for ONLY the canned shaped cranberry (Monica got it for her at a garage sale years ago).  Now we have one that will only be used for the canned shaped cranberry sauce too when we host Thanksgiving at our house! It does show it on the outside of the box.

 Easter items, stirrers, straws, viewers, spaceman cup, postcards, a cool can and a tiny metal Johnson's baby powder.  


  1. Is your bathtub lined with rubber duckies? Those Christmas Elves have made a big comeback. Rob and my Ron would make an entertaining pair at the sales. For some reason Ron draws quite a bit of attention from the ladies too.

    1. ha ha ha...rubber duckies! We have a shelf unit we put up in our bathroom that is lined with rubber duckies and my dresser top has quite a few as well! I am sure Ron's rapport with the ladies helps keep the sale prices down! (Rob)

  2. IS there any other kind of cranberry sauce than the 'canned' kind??! I mean, lets get real here. J won't eat it, unless it has the 'little ridges' around the perimeter!!
    Monica- Do you still have that Red & White plastic 'COOKIE JAR' that matches MY cannister set? Are you ready to part with it Yet?!?

    1. No...there is ONLY the canned-shaped kind! Isn't that the way they are grown in nature?
      As for the red lustreware, we BOTH had pieces to that set and now we have a larger collection together but we can NEVER part with them. I grew up living next door to my Grandmother (and my Great Grandparents lived next door to her). Those red lustreware canisters were always in my Grandma's kitchen and are so much a memory to me. I have a great picture of my grandmother in that kitchen from the early 1960's and the cannisters are in that picture. When we buy a house together, we have decided it will have a red theme and those canisters will be a focal point. P.S. - we also have some yellow ones. (Rob)

  3. That pediatrician's house was insanely good. You kids found some great stuff!

    1. Thanks, Eartha! It was a fun day! (Rob)