Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Our Lake

There is a beautiful lake near our house that we love to visit as often as we can when the weather is warm. We always try to bring food for the ducks, geese and swans and then take a walk, hand in hand, around the lake. It is especially beautiful during the evening! Last night was the first warm night this year so off we went to our favorite lake! 

We brought bread, unfrosted cupcakes, Irish soda bread and multi-colored tortilla chips for our bird friends. When we crumbled the tortilla chips up and tossed them to the birds, they blew everywhere. Some landed on this swan's back. He noticed after awhile and managed to eat them off his own back!!!

Some chips landed on this goose too! Another goose saw them and ate them off his back. We think he thought he was being attacked! 

Monica was laughing at the silly swans and geese finding all of the chips! She was preparing to toss them the unfrosted cupcake pieces.

The geese were eating directly out of Rob's hands as did a swan. I think they snuck up on Rob when he was distracted by sparkly things! 

All of the goodies were gone. Once the birds realized this, so were they! 

We watched the sunset together, smiling about our life together amongst the ducks. :)


  1. Loverly birds!! The variety of treats you were feeding them reminded me of the scene in the original Sweet November when Sandy Dennis suggests that pigeons prefer rice crisps to bread and that they should do an experiment to see who gets more birds, her with rice crisps or Anthony Newley with his hotdog bun! Did your birds seem to prefer one thing over the other?
    On a related note, I now want to make cupcakes!

    1. ha ha! Truthfully, they seemed to be enthused by all of the treats we brought them! I like feeding them the bread the best. I can tear them into pieces large enough for them to take right from my hands! (Rob)

  2. I am smiling too. Sorry the ducks and swans just eat and run.

    1. ha ha...Granny Annie! Thanks for smiling :)
      And...about those ducks and swans just running is the sort of fickle behavior I have come to expect of them...but they will be our friends again next time we go!