Monday, April 22, 2013

Birthday Weekend Estate Sales

We targeted six sales for our Saturday adventures. Three looked very promising and the other three were okay and either near the other sales or close to our house. 

This was our first stop and we thought that we would find loads of items here but the pickings were slim out there (and everywhere we went!!!!!)  This might have been the best of the bunch and even though there was not that much, it was a cool house!

This house DID have the pencil sharpener in the basement!!!! One plus!

House after house was just filled with mostly new items and not much to pick through!

Sign, sign, sign...but not that much to bring home!

 We did enter this sale and we survived!

Since we both took a day off from work on Monday we decided to hit another sale and the flea market on Sunday since the Saturday sales were not much to speak of and we have Monday to do our household tasks like shopping for produce, laundry, etc, which we do together :) 

 Monica checking out the puppets at the flea.

 Rob looking for a deal! It was really cold out...brrrrrrrr!

Taking a break at the flea market. There is a train trestle above us (goes to the city, no change at Jamaica. By the way, the city = Manhattan to Long Islanders). Not much going on at the flea market except overpriced items that we find elsewhere cheaper and water damaged records (though we found a few items) so on to the tag sale! 

Tag Sale today!!!!

Monica poses by the house. She is there by the door! Hi Monica! 

 Monica looking through the rubble.

 Trying on hats!

Rob looking at the books in our favorite room; the sun room in the back of the house.

LOOK!! There were windows all the way around, this must have been the party room! It would make a great tiki room!

Dig the ceiling!

Rob showing off the party room! Monica loved the credenza which was not in our budget (and no room for it either).

The credenza, it was $300!!!!

The kitchen had knotty pine cabinets and and this cool counter top and back splash. 

Pink and gray bathroom!

Cool floor! (dirty but cool!)

Some of the items we got this weekend!
 Books and  pamphlets. The Children's Digests are from 1954

 Old BIG size coloring books.

Children's 45's

More 45's


Many records, books, record holder and swizzle sticks.

Christmas record and Christmas place mats.

Vintage ketchup and mustard squeeze bottles.

 A glass ornament and some sputniks.

International house of Pancakes ashtray, some pez and match books.

Vintage frames complete with new relatives (who we do not know!) 


  1. Tiddly Winks!! Are those still made today? Wonder if your new relatives will see their photos?

    1. Hmmm...tiddly winks...I am not sure. We plan on giving our new relatives complete access to view this blog but no financial considerations until we get to know them better! (Rob)