Sunday, February 10, 2013

The Blizzard Of 2013...The Day After

The sun came out and, since all of the shoveling was done yesterday, we could have fun today!

Our living room window this morning, a reminder of what was still outside. 

 We made a snow pig!

Monica is preparing the next snow creatures!

Monica made a whole army of little snowmen!

 Rob was preparing the next snow creature! Yes, that is a Mike Nesmith wool cap. It was one of Monica's gifts to me on Christmas! 

A snow zombie!

 The snow zombie is chasing the little snowmen!
We took a walk around our neighborhood after making snow creatures and we were pleased to see a Santa blow mold is keeping a watch upon our neighborhood...from the front of his ship!


  1. Snow pigs! Snow zombies! You guys crack me up. Out in the cold up to your eyeballs and having a ball....well a snowball anyway:)

  2. We concentrated on removing the snow on Saturday and had lots of time for fun on Sunday, Granny Annie! (this is Rob)