Saturday, February 2, 2013

Groundhog Day!!!!!

Our first stop is what we call the Ethel Church, named after the woman who used to run the thrift shop. She passed away years ago.  Her picture is hanging on the wall in a frame in the shop. 

Rob has been asking to buy this Uncle Sam blow mold for years and it was one of Ethel's favorites and she had it marked "Do Not Sell".  He asked once again today and one of the people who run the thrift shop said OK and sold it to him for a dollar.  Rob promised to take good care of it!!!

DUCK CROSSING!  Well,  actually, here on Long Island there are a lot more Canadian Geese....

Our second stop did not have much.  We had to wait on a line, it was freezing.  All I have to say is that it was not worth it!!!

There were two Lucite purses marked $30.00 and $40.00 for sale but one was cracked and scratched and one was cloudy on the bottom (which is not a good thing for Lucite!!)

Rob playing the tambourine pretending to be Davy Jones.

We did not buy these, but we had to take a picture of them. We have seen these plates before but never one of a Girl Scout and Brownie

On to the next sale!

We got a few things from this next sale, but not much.  The bathtub and floor were cool.  There was a matching green toilet  with the pearlized toilet seat and a sink.

Monica with a warbling bird whistle. We did not get it because it was badly damaged! 

Why did everyone put their pencil sharpeners on the wall in the basement? Both of us grew up with pencil sharpeners in our basements and our grandparents had them there too! 

Monica checking out some tupperware.

Driving to the next sale we passed a Liberty Tax store and this poor freezing man was outside in the cold promoting the place!

Also, along the way, we snapped a picture from the car of a Chinese restaurant that will probably be torn down in the future.  Very sad that sit down Chinese restaurants are becoming a thing of the past.

 Rob checking out items behind the bar.  His eyes are glowing like a cat in this shot.

Had to get a picture of the floor, not as cool as last week's!

 This was in the basement.  Almost every house we go in has a kitchen in the basement as well as a kitchen on the main floor.

Monica checking out items on the pool table.

The ceiling upstairs was AMAZING!


What we brought home today:
The Uncle Sam blow mold is from the 1990's and is a Don Featherstone model (the inventor of the pink lawn flamingo). His name is etched into the plastic boots. Bonus...he is cross-eyed!!!  Ha Ha!!!

 Some records

Some Christmas items The Santa, Santa mug and the elves were all marked Japan

 Lots of stuff. The second old wooden block has "M" and "R"...that's Monica and Rob! The turkey is a ceramic planter, made in Japan. We have lots of old ceramic dogs made in Japan but this had the cutest face of all. We both had the plastic gorilla in our houses growing up. We found  lots of Winnie The Pooh spoonsitters from 1965. We have more of them in our house and we both have some of these from our childhood still residing in our parents' houses! 

Some old vintage greeting cards and some old Christmas gift tags. The clown card put a big smile on Rob's face. He loves clowns. His birthday cake on his first birthday was a clown cake and we have a picture of it! 

Two vintage pocketbooks (one of Monica's great loves) and an old can of Aqua Net, a staple for both of us in the 80's!!! 

 More stuff. We were talking about needing better candles for our candleholders, both at Christmas for the yule log and for every day display, We got both! The cocktail stirrers are from New York's World Fair in 1964. The playing cards are old airline cards which Rob loves getting!

 And more stuff. The handkerchiefs were cool. The ornaments are the chirping bird ones (we have several of these in the original boxes).

 Lots of old books, mostly old cookbooks which we both love collecting. Monica loved "A Girl's Treasury Of Things To Do". We both loved "Singers and Swingers In The Kitchen" from 1967. There are recipes from The Rolling Stones, the individual members of The Monkees, Lesley Gore, Leonard Nimoy and Larry Hagman, among others!

 These are some of our favorite books from today! 

A plastic reversible tablecloth that Monica had in her house growing up. It is reversible; one side for Christmas and this side for birthdays!


  1. Oh those poor Liberty Tax actors. I always wave and honk at them. Wonder what they get paid.

    Were you trying to stick that warbling bird whistle in your nose Monica?

    Were you in my grandmother's house? That kitchen looked a lot like hers.

  2. ha ha! There is a Liberty Tax place on my way home from work and I see someone dressed like this a lot (in the early Spring as the tax deadline approaches) and I always honk and wave too! (This is Rob)

  3. Yes. we had the pencil sharpener in the basement.
    Yes. we had the bar in the basement.
    Yes. we had the pool table in the basement.
    Basements were Good in the 60's - 70's. ;-)