Saturday, February 16, 2013

Back to Estate Sales a week after the Blizzard!

Estate sale here today!

Rob scoping out the Christmas items.  This one turned out to be a good sale; we got a number of items here.

A couch of records.

Only one record was worthwhile.  We got it.

This one was run by some people we knew but we bought nothing. None of the stuff here was our style! 

Not much behind the bar at this one.

We almost did not go to this one.  It turned out to be one of the better ones. We got a lot of great stuff there!

Some of the items we got today
Items for Thanksgiving. We do not have a lot for that holiday.  A turkey spoon rest, a turkey salt and pepper shaker (only one...the other is missing) and a big turkey that holds toothpicks; all made in Japan. 

 Bunnies and a Pez lamb for Easter.

Records, some Christmas, Don Rickles and a Cugat!

 Vintage maps from the 50's.  A book on photography. A Kraft cream cheese container with a genuine Pyrex jar, some groovy glasses, made in France, for our mannequin and Tot stapler and staples. Oh...and the cat. Rob picked it up and would not let it go! He has a green glass eye and was made in Portugal (the cat, not Rob)! 

 A 100% cotton Polynesian dress which might look better with a belt

Here's the label in the dress. Genuine Polynesian...from California. Ha Ha! 

Lots of cookbooks and some other books.

Christmas! Stockings, snowpeople salt and pepper shakers (we already have several of these) and lots of other things. The Shiny Brite box is empty but we have so many glass ornamenst already. We just wanted more Shiny Brite boxes to store some of what we already have. 

After a long day of sales, we went to dinner at our favorite sushi restaurant. After all, it is Valentine's Day weekend! 

We brought a lucky Tiki to keep us company at dinner! 


  1. This is a cut and paste response just to let you know I enjoyed your post. (Still issues with carpal tunnel and trigger finger.)

  2. Hope you feel better soon, Granny Annie! (Rob)