Monday, February 18, 2013

President's Day Thrifting

 I had off on President's Day. Rob took a day off so we could have a three day weekend. We needed rest after that crazy episode of Walking Dead!   First stop, a healthy breakfast at McDonald's! Ronald was happy to see me! 
Ronald was not too pleased with Rob after his horse meat comment that he posted (jokingly) on Facebook.......

We decided to go to some thrift shops.  They were surprisingly empty.  It WAS freezing out!  At this one, I just got some sweaters for a quarter a piece!

The next two were closed.  We then headed back towards our town and Rob found some vintage cookbooks! They were just 25 cents each!

This one is in Amityville.  Less than a mile from the Amityville horror house.  This one is not usually open on weekends so we try to stop here when we have off during the week.  We only got a record here.  Thrift shops have slim pickings lately!  Too many newer items!

Rob checking out the suit jackets in the basement.

Here, we got a cool planter, playing cards and a little plastic snow globe.

After some supermarket stops we headed home!

 Here are the vintage cookbooks and the planter which they had set up in the St. Patrick's Day section. 

More of the cookbooks, the snow globe and the John Kerry Presidential cards.  The cards had other people on them like Hilary and Bill Clinton, Jimmy Carter, Rush Limbaugh, Donald Trump and the Reverend Al Sharpton.

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  1. Bonanza time! I envy your exploring and discovering. Ron and I hope to be back at it soon.