Sunday, April 2, 2017

April's Here. No Fooling!

April arrived on the calendar but the weather still felt like early March. The lion hasn't been willing to make way for the lamb yet. Saturday was another winter coat kind of day but it was Saturday and that beats most, if not all, work days. We had saling on our mind but there really wasn't much out there for us this week. It's definitely not garage sale weather yet so indoor sales were all we've got. We had three potential sales on our list but plenty of errands to run and we weren't sure how many of the sales we were going to attend. We would go to the first one and plan the rest of the day afterwards. 

Our first sale was only twenty minutes away from our house and listed a 1969 Ford Galaxy for sale. There was nothing else listed that interested us and there were no pictures in the ad but the 1969 Ford Galaxy intrigued us and we were very interested in finding out if there was anything else old there.

When we pulled up, we found that the car was pulled from the sale because one of the decedent's daughters wanted the car. Oh well. It was time to see what else was here.

The garage had these two old metal cabinets which, coincidentally, we already have. The one on the right was the same as we got last week. We could have really used these but we learned a lesson last week. They would not have fit in the car and we did not have time to call for help. The sale was only running until noon and it was its only day.

The kitchen counter had this cool starburst pattern

There wasn't that much in this house but we did find a great vintage dinnerware set and a couple of baseball books. Speaking of baseball...

We ran into Rick Miller, fifteen year Major League Baseball player, at the sale. This first house belonged to someone that was related to him. Rick was an outfielder who was a member of the Boston Red Sox for twelve years and the California Angels for three years. He is a really nice guy.

This wound up being our only sale of the day. From here, we went to get a late breakfast and to bring our dishes home (we were a little nervous having that rattle around in the car). Once home, we decided to stay put. The other sales didn't look all that good and we had plenty of things to do.

Here is what we got at the sale:

A pair of baseball books

A 64 piece Royal China Mojave Green dinnerware set from the 1950's. We got the whole set for only $25! 

We already have the Royal China Blue Heaven dinnerware set from the 1950's. We have a few other pieces of this set which is not in this picture.

We also have the Franciscan Starburst dinnerware set from the 1950's. We found all of these at one sale a few years ago.

We already had these pieces from the Franciscan Starburst set before we found the set pictured before this.

Sunday brought out the sun and temperatures more reminiscent of spring. Chores, more errands and some relaxation time is on our agenda today as we get set the face the long workweek ahead. We won't rush the day away. Our time together is much too valuable to do that! 

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