Monday, April 11, 2016

Easter Weekend

As you can tell from the title of this post, we are a little behind on our posts. No worries...we will be caught up soon! 

Easter weekend was a three day weekend for us but it didn't start until Saturday. Neither of us had Good Friday as a holiday (some companies were off that day). We took a vacation day on Monday just to extend the weekend. We knew that this would be a very slow weekend for saling but it would be a busy weekend otherwise. Extending it sounded like a great idea.

There was only one worthwhile sale on Saturday and, luckily it was nearby. A fifteen minute drive on Saturday morning brought us to our destination. We didn't think it would be run by a tag sale company because the ad was pretty quiet but we did recognize the hostess. She runs an occasional sale and we have found things at her sales in the past.

The basement was big and an old floor but that little Christmas tree in the middle of the floor was the only sign of Christmas in the house. In fact, that big basement was fairly empty.

This sink and set of cabinets was tucked away ion one corner of the basement and was in amazing condition! 

The main floor had a great pink bathroom. The floor was in great shape for one that has probably been there for fifty years! 

It was a fairly quick stop but we did not leave completely empty handed. Here is what we brought home:

A record

Some switchplates for our future pink bathroom

A pair of squeak toys from the 1960's

With our saling over my mid-morning, we had plenty of time left in the day and, after stopping to get some breakfast together, we decided to visit a pet store that is not far from our house. 

There are lots of cool things sitting outside the store, like the giant gorilla and a pair of elephants, and we have always wanted to see what was inside. Today was the day.

To get inside, we had to sneak past a pair of lions

We also had to be quiet so we didn't disturb the monkeys hanging from a wire above our heads! 

There were lots and lots of pets, birds, reptiles, rabbits, mice, spiders, a giant tortoise, chicks and these baby ducks! 

The most entertaining of all of the creatures was this bird whose name is "Coo Coo" and was quite a character! 

We had a great time and were not disappointed, We will be back to visit soon! 

We had some to relax but we still had more things to do to prepare for Easter. We still had to color our eggs! 

It didn't take us very long at all and by early Saturday evening, our eggs were done.

We think they came out fine! 

When Easter morning arrived, one thing that we did not have to do was decorate. Our Easter decorations had been up since the weekend after St. Patrick's Day.

As with most holidays, we always try to make the best of available space, filling in the available space with as much holiday as possible! 

The toughest part of our day would be next. It was the part of the day we had been dreading. We were going to, once again, attempt to make the lamb cake. It wasn't making the cake that was the problem. We're pretty good at that. We can make cakes. It is the decorating of them which is usually our downfall. On Saturday, we made the actually cake and it looked pretty good. Now, its was time to...shudder...decorate it! 

Two years ago, we attempted to make the lamb cake for the first time, using the lamb cake mold that had been in Monica's house as a child. The lamb, pictured above, was, more or less, what we wanted to see when we were done. The cake, itself, came out pretty good two years ago, too. But then, things went horribly wrong.

Somehow, this was our end result two years ago. It looked like a cross between a lamb and a Dr. Seuss character. We named it "Lamb, I am". We weren't sure whether to slice it or bludgeon it with the nearest blunt instrument within reach. This was two years ago and it took us two years to gather enough courage to attempt this again...but we did.

We took our time and it started to look pretty good! 

Our lamb! It wasn't perfect but we were very happy with the results. It was so much better than our first attempt and no one would be scared by it! 

We spent a great Easter with Monica's family and we were very proud to bring our lamb cake for everyone to enjoy. We relaxed on Monday and caught up on housework so we could be ready to conquer the workweek ahead. 

Our adventures, together, amongst the ducks, always give us reason to smile...and now, we would no longer fear the occasional lamb looking to share in our adventures. 


  1. Even though it's a late post, it does make it nice to celebrate Easter again. Oh you guys...

    1. Ha Ha! It's like the movie Groundhog Day...only it's Easter! (Rob)

  2. I wrote a post about a rummage sale and Granny Annie sent me to your blog to see the bargains you got. It was fun buying vicariously through you.

    1. We're glad you stopped by, Kay! Thanks for sending Kay our way, Granny Annie! We'll have to come visit your blog, too, Kay! (Rob)

  3. I found this from Kay/Granny Annie and I had to bust out laughing at your lamb cake from 2 years ago! I will check out more of your postings - I love vintage things too! If you ever come across Hawaiiana stuff, please let me know, if you don't mind.

  4. Thank you, Honolulu Aunty, for coming to visit our blog! The cake made us laugh two years ago, too, but we're glad we did a better job this time! We have nearly 200 tiki mugs and well over a hundred Hawaiian records in our collection. Please stop by frequently to visit! (Rob)