Wednesday, March 23, 2016

St. Patrick's Day, The Wienermobile and Saling

St. Patrick's Day fell on a Thursday this year. Decorations had been up since March 1st and we were hoping that the luck of the Irish would be upon us. 

Aside from Christmas when almost everything has to be replaced to make room for all of our Christmas decorations, we just have to move a few things to make room for the season. We had our corned beef, cabbage, potatoes and Irish soda bread, as New York tradition dictates.

On Friday, we had a special trip to make right after work. We had known for about two weeks that The Wienermobile would be in our area from 3pm-6pm. We had to go see it! 

Yes, The Wienermobile was in town! 

Oscar Mayer Wiener logos were emblazoned on all of the seats

A view of the right side of The Wienermobile. The doors open like a hatch! 

The front of The Wienermobile

The back of The Wienermobile

Even the license plate leaves know doubt that this was The Wienermobile

It was an educational trip because we learned all about The Wienermobile

The Oscar Mayer Wienermobile...through the years.

Oscar Mayer...famous for both hot dogs AND bacon! 

We had lots of fun! 

As a thank you for visiting, we each got an Oscar Mayer Wiener whistle! We have a few from the 1970's but, let's face can never have enough Oscar Mayer Wiener whistles, can you?

After our fun adventure of Friday evening, it was time to focus on Saturday saling. Our list was a little longer than it had been in recent weeks but none of the sales stood out as a clear winner. Hoping that quantity would overcome quality, we attempted to make all seven sales on our list and hope for the best. Off we went! 

Sale #1 was the only one to our east (only fifteen minutes east) so we decided to go here first. This sale was simply listed as "contents of house" and it was also held last weekend but it was out of the way based upon our itinerary last week. Today, on a less promising week, it made our list. When we went inside, we recognized the "master of ceremonies" from a sale we attended a few weeks ago. This guy flips houses and, sometimes, they come will all of the contents still inside. He needed to clean it out. There were several rooms to search and we did find a few things. An old Halloween blow mold, a salt and pepper shaker set and a few cookbooks came home with us.

The remainder of our list was to the west of us and we decided to attack it from north to south. The second sale on our list was thirty minutes away but, when we got to our destination, there was no sale...and no sign that it ever existed. Oh well...we had more sales on our list.

Rob was hungry and we decided to stop for an early lunch before moving on. Village Heros has been around since 1972 and we had gone here, together, once before. When Rob was in his early years of college, he had a summer job right across the street from Village Heros and went here for lunch quite a few times. Their heros are great and it should come as no surprise that they have lasted for 44 years...and counting.

The third sale on our list was listed as an estate sale with an "overloaded" house. This was the second day of this sale. It was run by one of our favorite estate sale companies the day before but the family was finishing it up on this second day.

 We were sure that many things went out the door on the first day but we were hoping that there were a few things left behind for us. Finding this mounted pencil sharpener in the garage gave us hope. There weren't a lot of rooms to search but we did find some Christmas things, some cookbooks and a pair of St. patrick's decorations so the trip here was not wasted.

Sale #4 was listed as "45 years of treasures". That sounded promising!

If you liked clown artwork, this was the place to be. For us, we left empty-handed. Well, they did give Rob a soccer ball for his car antenna for free. 

Sale #5 was in the same town as the previous sale. Same result as the last one (except no soccer ball for Rob's car antenna). This was a bust.

Sale #6 was listed as "vintage throughout" and was run by a tag sale company that we know quite well.

There was a great pink bathroom that had seen little change since the house was built. There was a very large basement to search and some rooms on the main floor. We did okay here, finding some Christmas things, some records, some cookbooks and an old Sports Illustrated from the 1950's.

Sale #7, our last of the day, was described as having "vintage clothes" and "vintage items".

The kitchen had this large microwave oven that was probably one of the first on the market. It was an Amana Radarange which seemed to be given away as prizes on every game show of that time.

The bedroom furniture was vintage and in great shape! We liked it a lot but we already have bedroom furniture that we love.

There was a pink bathroom on the main floor and this blue one upstairs. Both had not received an update since the 1960's. At this last sale, we managed to find some barware, a record and an old Holiday Inn ashtray.

Here are the things we found on this day:

Some records

A Sports Illustrated from the 1950's, a pair of bar books and a pair of old appliance manuals.


St. Patrick's Day decorations

An old Halloween blow mold

A nesting chicken salt and pepper shaker set...

The shakers are the eggs which are hidden beneath the chicken. This set is marked Japan

An old Rheingold can, an old Bar Aid, a Holiday Inn ashtray and a Tip-Top Bread guide the states. Hawaii and Alaska are listed as "pending admittance".

Some old Christmas foil decorations

Some more old Christmas foil decorations

More Christmas things. The spaghetti trim girl on the left, the Santa with sleigh and the pixie mistletoe are all marked Japan.

As usual, we spent a few hours at Monica's dad's house after saling and then went home to relax. On Sunday, we quickly took down the St. Patrick's Day decorations and put up all of the Easter decorations. After all, Easter is just ten days after St. Patrick's Day this year! It was a fun filled weekend and we enjoyed every moment of our time together. We always do. 


  1. "Oh I wish I were....." What fun you had. Glad even a crooked wall pencil sharpener brought you luck.

  2. Ha Ha! It was a fun weekend! Thanks, Granny Annie! (Rob)