Sunday, April 24, 2016

Waiting For The Digger

This post is for the weekend of April 9-10, 2016. We'll be caught up soon! 

We're still waiting for it...the digger. This is the type of sale we like best. It's the type of sale where you spend more than an hour. It's the type of sale where you don't know what you will find even when you stand before it. A digger means sifting through piles of stuff. It means searching through multiple layers to find what lies underneath. It means searching through countless boxes. It leaves you dirty and dusty. It leaves you always wanting even more. Diggers are not for everyone but they are for us. We'll sacrifice every other sale on our list if that's what it takes to thoroughly dig through everything. We've been to a few sales this year that required digging but nothing we would actually call a digger. They will come. We'll find a few this year. We can't wait! 

We didn't expect to find any diggers on our list today but we hoped to find a few decent sales. Our list was fairly small. We had four sales with potential and we decided to start with the only one east of us. It began at 10am which meant that there was no need to get an early start. We would ease into the day and then step on the accelerator.

Sale #1 was run by a tag sale company run by a friend of ours. It was described as a digger (though we suspected that it wasn't our idea of a digger) and loaded. From the moment we got a glimpse of the house, we thought it might have potential.

We knew we were in the right place when we pulled up to the house.

We arrived on time but we were number fifty on line and we would have to wait awhile. The first fifteen were let in as we arrived.

After thirty minutes, we were let in and the saling officially began. The first room we entered was a bedroom and we discovered this old crib. Look at the cool pictures on its side! 

There was a big basement and it had a lot of things. The old chalkware to the left was cool but chipped. Rob would have picked up this Battling Tops game (it was one of his favorites as a kid) but it was too beat up.

We found a cool, old bar in the basement which Rob, thoroughly, searched. Look at the old Easy Bake Oven in front of the bar. Like the Battling Tops game, it was a little too beat up to consider.

The garage was filled with tools. The cabinet once held something. Look at the shelp it sat upon...

...turquoise boomerang!

There were so many old things inside this house including an old green bathroom. After almost an hour inside, we left with some vintage greeting cards, a penguin ashtray, an old glass, a vintage cocktail glass holder and lots more. It was a good first stop.

Sale #2 was an estate sale that listed old stuff in its description. It was worth a shot, especially since it was in the same area as the other remaining sales on our list. It was a quick stop with not too many rooms to search but we did not leave empty-handed. An old vintage fancy flashlight, a record and one book came home with us.

Sale #3 was an estate sale run by a company that runs lots of estate sales. It listed "Christmas and holiday", "records" and "vintage toys" in its description. As it turned out, the Christmas and holiday stuff was too new to interest us, the records were not that great and the vintage toys must have already left the house. We did find one old vintage Christmas card and that came home with us.

Our final sale of the day was an estate sale with a very quiet ad mentioning 50-60 year old furniture. When we were arrived, we were the only ones there aside from two relatives of the deceased who were running the sale.

There were several drawers and boxes to search downstairs including those found in the old den with knotty pine walls. We spent 45 minutes here and found some records, an old recipe file, some books and an old plastic Christmas wreath.

After visiting Monica's dad for awhile, we came home to relax after a fun day together. Here is what we found this day:

Some 12-inch records

A 7-inch record


A book, pamphlets and road maps

Old decorating books and an old baby book

Vintage birthday cards

Vintage Valentine's Day cards

Miscellaneous vintage cards

A vintage cocktail glass holder. The vintage glass ice bucket is something we already had but we placed it in this picture to show where you would keep the ice bucket.

A pair of vintage eyeglasses with holder for Sharon (Our mannequin), a penguin ashtray (marked Japan) and a vintage fancy flashlight for Monica.

A metal recipe file from the 1960's, a ceramic poodle marked Japan (that is from the exact same set as the three we found the week before) and a Thicka Shake glass from Sealtest in the 1950's. 

A large vintage Christmas card and an old plastic Christmas wreath.

As always, it was a fun weekend spent together and that is what always counts the most. The weekends together go by way too quickly and Mondays come around way too soon! Next week was our next three day weekend as we both took vacation days on Friday to start Monica's birthday weekend early. We'll tell that story next time! 


  1. I always marvel at the vintage cards you find. Do they ever have envelopes? I know Monica's dad was glad you stopped by for a visit. You are good kids.

  2. Sometimes, we find envelopes but not too often! We love stopping by to visit Monica's dad. He is a great guy! (Rob)