Monday, April 13, 2015

Easter Weekend

This post is for the weekend of April 4th and April 5th, 2015

Easter weekend had arrived and it would be a three day weekend for us. We both took vacation days on Monday so we could ease back into the workweek. We were completely prepared for Easter with very little left to do to prepare for Sunday. Of course, Saturday always brings to mind the opportunity to do some saling and, although we didn't really expect to find any opportunities, we compiled a list of three sales and hoped for the best!

Our first stop was a sale located just a few minutes from our house. There was nothing special that drew us. The write up of the sale was a very non-descript, two line ad that used the word "antiques". There were no pictures. We had no strong feeling that it would be good but it was local and there weren't many other choices. 

We arrived to find a few shoppers inside of a relatively small house whose contents were being sold by the children of the deceased. They were very nice people and we had a great time comparing notes about Long Island stores that were no more. By the time our visit had ended, we found some cool Christmas things that would now be part of our home every December.

Our second stop was to a home we had visited just a few weeks before. It was a private estate sale and the brother of the deceased was running it. The last time that we were here, we did not find anything for us but he had mentioned that he had only searched through 5% of his things and that more things would be up for sale in the upcoming weeks. On our first visit, we could see a giant Christmas wall hanging hidden in a locked entrance to the garage. We were hoping that we get a chance to buy it today. A quick search of the house told us that nothing had changed from our last visit and we could see that Christmas wall hanging still hidden away. We will keep returning until that wall hanging is ours! 

Our third and final sale of the day was advertised as a 1940's house and barn with lots of antiques. With very few other choices, we decided to try our luck and take the thirty minute drive to see it. We arrived to find this sign at the bottom of a hill. It would be a long walk uphill until we would get a glimpse of the house.

We arrived to find this house which was very old and mostly gutted inside. The cellar entrance was along the side and, once inside, we encountered some antique furniture scattered within several rooms housed within its cement walls. The house, itself, was pretty empty except for some more pieces of antique furniture whose drawers were the only places to search. By the time we left, we found a few old product containers that we liked, some cookbooks and a few other things...

...and outside, as we were leaving, we ran across these dead wire reindeer. We aren't very fond of wire reindeer but we bowed our heads in respect anyway.

It may not have been the best saling day that we have ever had but we did have fun together and found a few things of interest. Here are the things we took home with us:

Some books

Some old Carvel spoons, an old set of plastic measuring spoons and some old Carstairs seal picks

An old box of Brillo soap pads and a can of mixed nuts for E.J. Korvette

Some Christmas things

When Saturday evening arrived, we knew we had a few last minute things to prepare for Easter. One of them, of course, had to be coloring the Easter eggs! 

A dozen hard boiled eggs and some cups filled with dye and thirty minutes later...

and voila...our Easter eggs!

The other thing we needed to do was make some dessert to bring to Monica's sister's house for Easter. We had to make the dessert on Saturday and, then, decorate it on Sunday morning.

We decided to try something different this year. Last year, we tried to make a lamb cake using the mold than Monica's mom had when Monica was a little girl.

This was what we were aiming for last year. Unfortunately, ours did not look exactly like this. First of all, we tried to make those divits with the icing and found out, very quickly, that we were not skilled enough to do so. Then, Monica thought that it might be interesting to make him yellow. Very quickly into the process, we found out that we were not all that skilled at frosting either. Things were going downhill quickly and just when we thought that we had arrived in the lowest of valleys, we hit an even lower low...

...Rob made a face on him and the icing ran. He looked more like a Dr. Seuss character than like a lamb. We named him "Lamb, I am". We tried to hide the horror by adding peeps, It was a brilliant plan and it would have worked but we were short about 156 peeps! 

It was horrifying to adults and children!

So this year, we went with something simpler...Easter Peeps cupcakes!

After the cupcakes had cooled, we scooped out a little nest

An egg was then laid in each nest. These eggs were peanut butter M&M eggs

We added different types of sprinkles to each nest

We frosted each one and added a peep to sit on its nest. Behold...Easter peep cupcakes! We made a dozen of them

We had a great Easter and no one was scared of our dessert!

We took a vacation day on Monday to catch up on our errands and chores but still found time to visit our lake for the first time this year.

The swans and geese were ready for us

Yes...the swans, the geese and, of course, the ducks!


  1. LOVE the cupcake idea- and WILL steal it sometime... but I think I liked YOUR version of THE LAMB The Best!!!

    1. Ha Ha! The cupcakes were pretty easy and, truthfully, much more our speed. We will attempt to maker the lamb again one day...when the horror of the first attempt has completely left our memory. It has only been a year. It is still too soon. (Rob)