Saturday, December 21, 2013

The Last Three Day Weekend Of 2013

We both took a vacation day last Friday making it a three day weekend, the last of 2013 for us. We have used all of our vacation days this year to extend weekends. Longer vacations will come soon but not this year. With the Christmas season upon us, there was no shortage of things to do...including finishing the Christmas decorating of the house. It literally takes weeks! 

While our plans for Friday did not necessarily include any saling, we did see a very interesting opportunity. We read about a family run hardware store that was going to be closing its doors after over 90 years in business because the current owners were retiring and, in the basement, was stored the remnants of an antique store that closed its doors many years ago. It had been run by the owner's wife. The contents of the basement were being liquidated starting Friday morning.  We decided to go see what was there.

We arrived at the hardware store before its advertised 10 am viewing. They let us inside early. 

There was lots to search through and Monica was equal to the task! Although many of the basement items were clearly newly stored items from the hardware store itself, we did find some pretty interesting things to take home.

A Tiki mug (Orchids of Hawaii, made in Japan), an old Christmas tin, several old Christmas items and an anthropomorphic crying onion jar. It was a good stop!

Our next stop was at Hicks Nurseries, a Long Island tradition since 1853. Both of us used to go here when we were kids to see Santa and take in the festive Christmas atmosphere

We posed in the entrance by the snowman who seems to get moved around a lot. We posed in front of him a couple of years ago and he was in a different place!

We visited Santa. This Santa has been here for awhile and he remembers us. We visit him every year.

Vixen and Blitzen were here. Vixen is giving Rob the stink eye!

Rob hates nutcrackers...

...but he loves cheese! 

They have some great Christmas displays set up and each stop tells a piece of a story. They change the displays each year. Monica liked this display best and the cheesy Rudolph. We always have a great time here together! 

After our annual visit to Hicks, we managed to get the outside decorations completed and even slip in a nap. The "Old Fashioned Village Christmas" was that night and we wanted to be rested. We go here every year with Monica's sister and brother-in-law and her niece and nephew. It is a one night walk through town with vendors open late and Christmas on display everywhere!

Santa rides around town in a horse drawn carriage to visit the kids. We don't know THESE kids but we do know Santa! 

There is the horse. We were able to walk up and pet him. He is working hard so the reindeer can rest for their long journey later this month!

Many of the village businesses are decked out for Christmas...

...and, as everyone is distracted by the Christmas spectacular, Santa makes his escape with a bag of loot!

Monica's sister, brother-in-law, niece and nephew, well bundled and smiling

We were well bundled too! Monica wore a red wool cap with ear flaps. Rob was channeling Mike Nesmith of The Monkees.

Rob kept Monica warm so he was rewarded with a kiss!

There were free cookies and hot cocoa all throughout town and you could also buy food from the grill as The Meat Store was cooking hamburgers, sausages, hot dogs and bratwurst. All three of the boys bought a bratwurst! And even after the bratwurst and cookies and cocoa, Rob still was fascinated by the cheese. Rob DOES like cheese!

It was a great day and, after the walk through town, we went home and relaxed. The remainder of the indoor decorating would wait...we had two more days remaining in the weekend. It would wait...but not for too long!

Saturday morning brought us...snow! The forecast called for anywhere between one and five inches and it started around 8 am. We only had three stops on our list. Many of the Tag Sale Companies have taken breaks for the holidays and privately run sales are scarce this time of year. We figured we would go to the first stop and play the rest of the day by ear. We would let the weather decide where the day would take us. 

 Our first stop looked promising just based upon the appearance of the house. It was an old house and it had a great old screen door. The sale was run by a Tag Sale Company that we always see advertised but that we seldom visit because their sales are usually much further away. This one was about 25 miles from home and, with our sale list very short, certainly not inconvenient. 

The basement floor had pink speckled tile...

...and there was lots to unearth in the basement. Monica found a hat she liked. We bought it! There was a great old lamp but we did not buy it. They wanted $40 for a lamp that was badly chipped and definitely repaired at some point in its past. We did get several other things here at a good price including a great pole lamp and a hat for Rob too!

With the weather not too bad yet, we moved on to stop #2. It was a tag sale run by another Tag Sale Company that we know quite well. The owner has not had any good sales lately so it has been awhile but they happily greeted us.

The house had an old pink bathroom with a great tiled floor...

...and a pencil sharpener mounted on the wall leading down to the basement...

...and a basement bar that Rob searched behind thoroughly, as always!

The upstairs bedrooms had vintage heating and a search of the house uncovered lots of goodies for us to take home including some glass indoor party lights, another old "drunk glass", vintage aprons and some other fun things. 

With the snow starting to accumulate, we were happy to only have one more stop to make. Since it was on the way home, our decision to stop was easy! 

There were lots of rooms to search and Rob found this "Peter Noone" wig. We did NOT take this home but we did find some great things here including five sets of plastic owl party lights and some vintage starburst towel holders. 

Here are some of the things we took home on Saturday:
Lots of cookbooks

Indoor "Party Lites". We wish the box was in better condition. 

Lots of outdoor "Owl Lites". Five sets...

 ...but only one box.

A pillbox leopard hat for Monica and a straw hat for Rob with a pipe attached

Some old Tupperware bowls with lids. Two are marked "1954 Millionaire's Line". This is the "before" picture. With some help from a bottle of "Awesome" from the dollar store, they are beautifully clean and pristine...know what we mean? 

A red, white and blue honeycomb party ball (for next year's summer holiday parties), some holiday Gurley candles, a honeycomb turkey, vintage Christmas wrapping paper and a great vintage ash tray

Old packages of candles and a set of bird cards issued by Arm & Hammer and Cow Brand Baking Soda from the 1920's.

Two children's menus from Howard Johnson's from 1962. You could build your own Howard Johnson's from the menu.

Some airline playing cards, some vintage postcards (one from the Jerry Lewis Theatre in upstate New York and one from Trader Vic's in Puerto Rico), a Thanksgiving die-cut decoration, some vintage needle sets and an old tomato slicer still in its package.

Our new pole lamp. It has a small table built in

An old bartender's apron

An old barbecue apron

Vintage fabric with drink recipes. The piece above is folded in four. It is a fairly big piece of fabric with lots of possibilities!

Vintage "Tweetie Pie" birthday cake toppers, a "drunk" cocktail glass, some starburst towel holders and a triangle pillow

We made it home before the snow got too bad and we spent Saturday evening and Sunday morning finishing the Christmas decorations. The house has now exploded Christmas but that's okay. It's our house and it's what we like. Now we can sit back, enjoy the season and each other...after all, we remember where we hung the mistletoe! 


  1. You could not have asked for a better way to end the year. What great sales and you two have so much fun when you adventure together.

    1. Thanks, Granny Annie! It really was a fun day! (Rob)