Thursday, December 26, 2013

Christmas Eve

Last weekend, we went to exactly zero sales! There were only a few listed and none of them showed any potential to surprise us with things we might like. We decided to sleep a little later, go to breakfast at our local International House Of Pancakes and do some things that seemed pressing at the bring Rob's car into the shop. The heat in Rob's car became unreliable this past week and the temperature gauge was running pretty high. There was even a little smoke coming from the hood. One new radiator, one new valve cover gasket and one tune-up and the car was fixed. Rob was $600 poorer but the car is running well and that was fine with him.

Sitting down for breakfast at an IHOP is a Saturday luxury. We always stop for breakfast whilst saling but it is always at a Bagel Shop to get egg sandwiches. We insist on a place that has tables so we can sit and enjoy our food but the time commitment at a Bagel Shop is usually no more than 20 minutes. IHOP requires a one hour commitment and that is time we just don't have on our saling days. It was nice.

One thing we did not have to worry about on Saturday was decorating. We finished the week before and have been enjoying the fruits of our labor. Our outdoor decorations are modest since our house is a rental and we do not want to overdo it too much but the inside looks like Christmas exploded and we LOVE that!!!! We will take pictures of some of our indoor decorations for the next post.

We start our Christmas Eve at Monica's sister's house having a nice family dinner and giving our nieces and nephew their pre-Santa presents. Then, we all pack into the van and visit Monica's mom and dad and await Santa's evening visit, a tradition at Monica's parents' house since she was a little girl. 

Santa arrives!

The kids with Santa

Monica's mom and dad with Santa

The family!

Itsy wanted no part of Santa but he did enjoy the radiator

Santa makes his exit, lights and sirens blaring, whilst his sleigh received a tune-up for his long night's journey. 

Dad and us and...Peter snuck into the picture too!

The kids putting on their best "I've been good this year" faces.

We were smiling too!

Monica being goofy with the kids!

It was a great night!

Our Christmas card this year. Merry Christmas to all from our house to yours! 


  1. Of course your Christmas was great. You guys are great. Your lives are great. You make everyone's lives great! Happy New Year!

  2. ha ha! It was a nice Christmas season. happy New year, Granny Annie! (Rob)

  3. Next year you'll open one tub expecting to find knee huggers, and it will be empty except for a note saying, I stole all the elves, - Caylie.