Sunday, December 29, 2013

Christmas Decorations - Part 2

The largest room we have to decorate is our living room. We try to make use of all of our every day furnishings. Putting away the year round "decorations" is the first step. Filling all available space is step two.

We have two smaller Christmas trees in the living room. Neither are vintage but we do decorate both trees with old glass ornaments and other vintage tree trimmings...and tinsel, of course!

This tree sits atop a bar/entertainment unit we have in our living room. 

A couple of honeycomb Santas stand on the right side of the tree...

...a honeycomb snowman, a few smaller honeycomb Santas and some cardboard bank giveaways sit to the tree's left.

Only Christmas books, magazines, etc on this magazine rack during the holidays

We squeeze in what we can, even adorning the ashtray/drink holder.

The wall hangings are not immune from the Christmas touch

Shadow boxes and lamps are for Christmas decorations now

Cardboard decorations fill the gaps...

...and the wall clocks get a taste of Christmas too!

This shadow box is pretty big so we can fit a lot on here. We went with a "Noel" theme 

Even "Santa on a spring" has a place in our home

The top of the television is adorned with holiday cheer...

...and small gaps in front of the television are filled while the Yule Log burns brightly on T.V. 

The television stand has shelves on its left...

...and shelves on its right...

...and there is always room on the end tables

Some of our favorite ornament boxes sit on top of the bookcase...

...while some of our favorite Christmas bulb boxes sit behind the marlin ash tray

A spot for Santas on the left and another tension pole record holder on the right

We have a lamp shelf unit in the living room and it offers a lot of space. On its face...

...on its first shelf...

...and its second shelf. We keep the Christmas ash trays here.

There is even room beneath for some more Christmas! 

We have a place for the plastic snowmen...

...and a place for plastic Santas. We gave the speaker a Santa hat so it would not feel left out

There is a spot for some of the larger Christmas angels in front of the DVD's and tapes

The smaller blow molds have a spot to themselves on the wall.

It is hard work but great fun to decorate our house and we try to come up with different ideas every year. We will share some more of our house with you soon!


  1. Hi Rob and Monica, Oh WOW! you guys have a real Christmas museum in your house!!! It looks like such a happy place to be. I was so thrilled to find your new blog. Happy holidays to you both!

    1. Thanks, PixieVintage! We just took a peek at your blog and it looks so great!!!! Happy holidays!!! (Rob)

  2. OK, here is my list for 'SANTA' for next year...
    ~"Blue Marlin" ashtray stand
    ~ Blue Elf in bottom right of photo #16
    IT's ALL WONDERFUL Rob & Monica!!! THANKS for the tour ;-) !!!

    1. ha ha! Thanks, svelteStuff! That marlin ashtray stand was bought at an estate sale that we went to twice! On our first visit, the pink ashtray in the picture was sitting alone on the porch and we picked it up. The lady running the sale (a family member of the deceased) told us that it had a stand at one time and she took us to the basement. It was love at first sight! It sits in our living room year round. The following week, they advertised that they unpacked more stuff and we went again and we found three starburst doorknob backers. We pass the house a lot (it is five minutes from our house) and it has been sold and "fixed up". We always remember our visits there with a smile! Happy New Year, svelteSTUFF!

  3. Wow, you guys have lots of awesome stuff! Not only the Christmas decor but some of your regular year round display things as well! Glad to know the story of the Marlin ashtray- that's simply fabulous! And now I'm going to be on the lookout for a tension pole record display for myself. Happy New Year!

  4. Thanks, Mod Betty! We had one tension pole record display for years and then we found two more at a sale this past year. You never know where you will find them!
    Happy New Year! (Rob)

  5. Hi R&M, Maria here from EverythingCroton--just HAD to tell everyone over at my blog about your awesome kitschy collection!

    1. Thank you, Maria! We are glad you like our Christmas stuff! Happy New Year! (Rob)