Monday, August 26, 2013

The Last Full Weekend Of August

The last full weekend of August has arrived and we were hopeful that we could find some good sales. Next weekend, Labor Day weekend, is likely to be a slow one. People go away or have barbecues (less garage sales) and the Tag Sale Companies often skip running sales on the holiday weekends knowing less foot traffic means less money for them. We both took vacation days next Friday, making a three-day weekend a four-day weekend! We are having a family barbecue at our house on Saturday so we will be plenty busy (more on that later in the week). We compared our lists, put together our plan and off we went!

Our first stop was at a Church yard sale about 10 minutes from our house. They opened a Thrift Shop a few months ago but its hours of operation are limited and we had not been there yet. This church does have a big Christmas Tag Sale every December and we go to that. In fact, one of the ladies came over and said hello, recognizing us from past years. We looked at the outdoor things and visited the Thrift Shop and got a few fun items to take home with us. 

The next stop was about 30 minutes away and was an estate sale run by the family of the deceased. The first thing we looked through was the records and, after picking out five, Rob was told they were $3 apiece. Rob quickly put them back. They asked what the going price was on records and we told them honestly that the typical price was no more than $1. They said they would sell the records we wanted for $1 each so we took them along with a few cool Christmas items and some cocktail swizzle sticks.

After our usual stop for breakfast, we went to the next two sales on our list and they were very quick stops. Both were outdoor garage sales with very little of interest to us. We did manage to get a record, a newer Pez dispenser, a Kool-Aid mixing spoon and a few rubber ducks between the two stops so neither was a total loss.

Our fifth stop was here...well...maybe not. Monica is pointing at the house Rob should have been capturing on film.  

THIS was the fifth stop! It was another estate sale run by the family and there was a lot to look through. The furniture was practically all from the 1950's and, while some pieces definitely showed years and years of love, they were really great.

Monica posing in front of a Heywood Wakefield Vanity Makeup table with mirror. The whole bedroom set was Heywood Wakefield (including the dresser to Monica's left) and was in pretty good shape and pretty reasonably priced but, alas,  the set was not in our budget at the moment. We spent about an hour at this house and came away with some cookbooks, tupperware, a pink phone and a few other cool items. 

Our last stop was a complete bust. It was an "estate" garage sale but it looked like the items being sold were willed to them and they were putting it out for sale. There were definitely some quality items (lots of old silver) but nothing that interested us. On the bright side, it was only five minutes from our house, on the way home anyway and we only spent three minutes of our time here!

Here are some of the things we brought home with us:
Some records

A few more records

Lots of cookbooks

Some miscellaneous items including a pink phone, some old Tupperware pieces, some old holiday Gurley candles, two recent bobbleheads from The Simpsons (which Rob will put on the top of his dresser) and more.

A Kool-Aid mixing spoon, Tupperware measuring spoons and some cocktail swizzle sticks with whistles.

Holiday decorations

Christmas decorations!

Sunday was spent getting ready for next weekend's Tikicue at our house. We did a lot and are now ahead of pace and we can take our time with our remaining preparations and, with our four day weekend coming up, we will have time for us too as we enjoy each other and our adventures amongst the ducks.


  1. I've always loved those little cases to store a rainbonnet.

    1. Actually, Chris, that case is tiny! It is only about an inch tall! (Rob)