Monday, July 29, 2013

Coconut's Birthday

Saturday...the last weekend of July and a beautiful day for saling. The humidity had finally dropped from oppressive levels, making it pleasant outside. Monica's sister and nephew were visiting from Florida so there was a family barbecue planned for the afternoon and it was also Coconut's birthday! Coconut is Monica's niece's stuffed monkey. During the week, while looking at the monkey's tag, Monica's niece had discovered that Coconut had a birthday...and it was July 27th. Everyone was expected to bring cards and presents! But to the sales!

The first of our three stops. There was not a lot to choose from this week and we knew our saling time was limited so we picked three stops and hoped for the best. This was an estate sale run by the family of the person who lived here.

Monica...behind the candelabra! There was a lot to look through and there was a lot of old things but not a lot of things that are our style. We did get some great records and a nice vintage apron! And on the way to the next sale, we came across a garage sale and we decided to take a look at what was for sale. It was all newer kids stuff and everything was 50 cents. We got some great magic sets for our nephew and some doll clothes for our niece. Oh...and we got a few things for us. :) 

So off we went to the second sale...
Our second stop was at our garage sale that always advertises vintage things and always, always has them too! The woman running this is the lady we exchanged phone numbers with a few weeks ago. She has a few sales each summer to try to get rid of a lot of the stuff she collected. The last time we were here, we were discussing old chalkware mermaids, fish and bubbles for the bathroom and we both had some. She told us she sell hers to us if we were interested. Unfortunately, hers were a little newer than ours (early 1970's) and not a great match for what we already have so we passed on those. We did get a few good records and some cookbooks!

Our third and last stop...and as the sign said....

"Estate Tag Sale Today!" 

This sale was run by a new company that we discovered a few weeks ago. They told us about the sale we were about to visit back then. "A home from 1956 virtually untouched by time". We had to wait on line outside as they were only allowing a certain number of people in the house at a time. This is the first time we have waited on a line since probably March. It was a short line and we were inside in about 15 minutes. Well, the house was definitely built in the 1950's and there was some 1950's furniture inside but it was not all we had hoped it would be. 

Though there was this very cool refrigerator

The folks running the sale recognized us and told us that a lot of things were sold earlier in the morning. That could very well be but you can could tell that a lot of the things in the house were newer. It was still a fun time and we did get some nice things at a very, very low price (just like the other time they had a sale, their prices seem to be excellent).

Here are some of the things we got today:
Some 10 inch records and some 7 inch records

Some record albums...

...and some more record albums

Miscellaneous items including some spare old chair legs (you never know when a replacement is in order), lots of old cocktail swizzlers and some other items

Some cookbooks

A Handyman magazine from 1966 and a "Guy Lombardo's Photo Scrapbook" from the late 1970's.

And this great vintage apron for Monica! Pink and blue elephants!

After a great day adventuring together, it was time to go to the barbecue and celebrate Coconut's birthday too. We did remember to bring a card and a present! 
Our nieces and nephew helping Coconut open her presents! 


  1. Did you bring the Happy Birthday record for Coconut's birthday party?

  2. Well you got some fun records that's for sure! Love the 'Sounds in Space' one! And the 'Rock n Roll' cover is fab! I'm always on the lookout for those types of covers for my 'dancing wall' above my mom's old stereo! The pink elephants on the apron are killer! A perfect way to protect your frock whilst mixing cocktails!

    1. Thanks, Dolly! Some weeks, there are lots of records to choose from and some weeks, well, not so much! Did you ever post a picture of the "Dancing Wall"? We would love to see it! Monica swooned over the apron! :) (Rob)

  3. You always find the neatest stuff. Are you cooking out of the cookbooks? I had a bunch of vintage ones but sold them in our garage sale, as I can never bring myself to actually try the (bland) recipes!

    1. Thanks!! We have identified several recipes that we want to try for fun and we definitely will soon! Some of the recipes are really funny (unintentionally). We will have to post pictures when we actually make some!!! (Rob)

  4. 'BING AND SING ALONG'... nice!
    What I really want to see is what one get's a 'Coconut' for a birthday present!!

    1. ha ha, svelteSTUFF. Well, it was a last minute thing so we gave Coconut a card and a festive party umbrella to keep her dry when it rains. Our niece was quite happy with the gift and, I suspect, so was Coconut! (Rob)