Wednesday, November 1, 2017

October Continues

The third full weekend in October was, yet another, three-day weekend. We both get four weeks vacation each year and we use most of those days to extend weekends. Beginning in November, we will only have to endure one full work week for the remainder of the year. That's the reward for stockpiling our days.

Fridays offer some saling opportunities but, generally, fewer than on Saturdays. Despite a thorough search of the available sales, we found just one to go to on Friday and it was far from a sure thing. The sale was described as "household goods, antiques and collectible's from the 1960's, 1970's and 1980's". The ad had no pictures to support it and all we knew was what we read. It was our only selection and it was there that we would our hopes for Friday saling.

We arrived to find a very long driveway with a sign at its beginning that told us that this was the place.

A very long driveway.

That driveway led to a barn that housed stuff for sale. There wasn't much. Our search was quick and it yielded a couple of records. As it turned out, this wasn't really the sale. This barn sale was an opportunist neighbor taking advantage of the free advertising and the gratuitous traffic it produced. The real sale was across the way. We went inside the house to find a few rooms filled with exactly what was described in the ad but it wasn't our type of household goods, antiques or collectibles. At the real sale, we struck out.

We stopped for breakfast on the way home, did a few minor things around the house, took a much needed nap and then prepared to have dinner at a place we have wanted to try for a couple of years.

Burgrito's is a newer restaurant that opened about three years ago. They have been successful and have opened two other locations since their appearance. We were intrigued by their specialty, the burgrito, which is essentially a bacon cheeseburger within a burrito. In addition to the meat, cheese and bacon, you can expect to find tomatoes, lettuce, red onions, chipotle sauce and even french fries inside! Healthy? Probably not. Delicious? Absolutely! This is not a treat that you can only have once and we will definitely be back! 

On Saturday, we were ready for more saling but our list was short. There were only two sales that made our list and we knew we would easily make both (although they were 45 minutes apart from each other). We were ready to make the best of it so off we went! 

Sale #1 was listed as an estate dig with a loaded basement and shed. It was also suggested that we bring a flashlight. There were no pictures in the ad but the description was enough to spark our interest. We thought it would be a private estate sale but it turned out to be run by a small estate sale company that we rarely see but we remember attending one of their sales a few years ago.

The basement was pretty packed, as advertised, and that is exactly what we like to see! 

An old unicorn! 

There was a great, old kitchen table buried amongst the rubble. We already have one very similar to this which is our everyday kitchen table. There were lots of rooms to search in the basement and a few upstairs as well.

Creepy doll alert! 

We spent about 45 minutes in this house and did not leave without some finds. We left with some records, an old metal shelf rack, a mug, an old Christmas reindeer and some pins for Monica. 

After getting some breakfast, we arrived at our second and final sale of the day. It was run by one of our favorite tag sale companies and was described as a packed house. We received an email from the owner of the tag sale company saying that there was some Christmas, although no Christmas things were in the pictures supporting the ad.

The first room we entered was filled with sports memorabilia, mainly for the New York Yankees and the New York Islanders. We knew that we find this based on the ad's photos.

More memorabilia

The kitchen was filled with chicken and rooster things. Monica considered a chicken pocketbook but decided against it.

It was pretty quiet when we arrived since the doors for this sale opened hours earlier. The staff had time to pose for a picture.

We met James Dean, Elvis, Harrison Ford, Groucho Marx, Popeye and Michael Jackson at the sale.

Our host, Ron, gave us a tour! 

We didn't find a whole lot here other than baseball books, a few records and a couple of other things. We had lots of time to visit Monica's dad before going home. We didn't look at our finds until Saturday evening but when we did, this is what we saw:

Hawaiian records

More records

A few more records

Disney records

A record celebrating an evening at Johnny Yee's.

Baseball books

More baseball books

Yogi Berra books

A Peanuts baseball book and a Bryan Trottier book

The Bryan Trottier book is autographed but not to us.

Vintage pins for Monica

A vintage metal shelf rack 

An opened Starting Lineup package, some rubber ducks and an old circus-themed mug.

A rubber Christmas duck and an old plastic reindeer

We spent Sunday doing our typical chores and errands and preparing for the workweek; one of our last full workweeks of 2017. It looks like a future full of adventures together! 


  1. You didn't buy Popeye!?! I love Popeye; hard to find on my neck of the woods. Great finds!

    1. Ha Ha! No, we didn't. We have other Popeyes, though! Thanks for stopping by, as always, Liz! (Rob)

  2. I always wanted things out in the open and did not like to dig. That is why you get the good stuff. Stop calling all the dolls creepy! LOL

    1. For us, there is something especially satisfying in uncovering the treasure buried within a box and underneath a pile of stuff. Hey...those dolls were creepy! :) (Rob)