Monday, November 6, 2017

Halloween 2017

October flew by. Actually, the entire year seems to have flown by but October, in particular, really flew by. The last weekend of the month had arrived with barely a trace of autumn having shone its face. The average temperature for the month was seven and a half degrees above normal. Saturday would be no different with the high temperature expected to reach 67 degrees when the normal high should be just 60 degrees. Of course, this was good news for our saling plans. It would have been even better if we had more than one sale on our list...but we didn't.  We hit the road with hope that it would be a good one.

The sale was described as "mid-century modern furnishings with collectibles and antiques". It was run by a tag sale company whose name we've seen but had yet to visit any of their sales.

The basement had plenty of mid-century modern furnishings. Look at that cabinet on the left! Look at that orange chair in the background! 

There was a great basement bar in that basement with great vintage bar stools! 

Look at that great television! 

The basement had so many cool things. There were other rooms to search upstairs but none of them was as great as the basement. Although we saw a few things of interest, nothing here was touchable. Everything was so expensive! We did manage to find eleven old cookbooks that cost us a grand total of $3 so we did not leave empty-handed. 

We did make a stop at a second sale but we knew we would not find anything. It was in the same town as the sale we targeted and was run by one of our favorite tag sale companies. We simply stopped by to say hello.

The house had a cool gazebo with a great screen door.

A great old refrigerator was found downstairs.

One of the bathrooms was updated except for the sink and the toilet.

The other bathroom, which only had a toilet and sink, was not updated at all. AS expected, we did not find anything here but enjoyed the house and that made it a worthwhile trip.

We didn't get much over the weekend. In fact, those eleven cookbooks were all we got. here they are:

Some of the cookbooks

The rest of the cookbooks

The rest of the weekend flew by, as had the entire month, but there was still Halloween to come. We did not take off from work on Halloween but we were ready to join the trick or treating fun with Monica's nephew and niece immediately upon getting home.

Our house had been decorated for Halloween for weeks and we were already in the halloween spirit. Here are a few of our decorations...

...and a few of our Halloween blow molds on display. On to trick or treating! 

Marissa the mime and Peter the robot! 

One of the cooler houses in the neighborhood. The adorn the house with lots of scary animatronics every year.

A creepy clown and Jason

Freddy Krueger and Michael Myers

Nope! We're not falling for that! 

This is from another cool house in the neighborhood which also uses lots of creepy animatronics.

On Halloween, you've got to keep your head! 

More scary animatronics.

Another Michael Myers

A zombie lawn jockey! 


A scary bunch! 

More scariness! 

None of these were animatronics but they were still scary! 

This is one of the coolest house in the neighborhood. last year, their theme was scary clowns. This year, it was a zombie house.

Another view of the zombie house.

We made friends with the head zombies.

Our new little zombie friend, J.J.

The scary zombie graveyard.

A zombie rabbit

A scary zombie girl

Our friend, the creepy clown, who we first met last year.

More scenes from the zombie house

By the end of the night, Marissa, Peter and their friends were tired!

November is here and now we will end the year with four day workweeks every week except for one. More opportunities for saling. More opportunities for adventures shared together.


  1. How much was that old TV? Would someone want it? I cannot get over the tremendous costumes and decorations in your part of the country. I have a niece who decorates like that but she is the only person I know who does so around here. Love the zombies!

    1. The TV was only $75 but I don't know how much of its inside was missing. Halloween is still a lot of fun in our area and some people (like the zombies) go all out to make it fun! (Rob)

  2. I hope you are returning! I miss all your posts. I know there probably weren't too many sales this winter. Hope to see you soon!

    1. Hi Pam!
      Thanks for thinking of us! We have been so busy that we took a break from blogging but we are back! (Rob)

  3. Just checking on you two. I hope you haven't decided to quit blogging about your sale purchases!

    1. Hi Pam!
      Thanks for thinking of us! We have been so busy that we took a break from blogging but we are back! (Rob)

  4. Oh my word! That tv! And that fridge! We never have great stuff like that at estate sales in the south, especially Florida. Folks who move down to retire have their estate sales up in the north and show up down here with just their dentures and Werther's candy supply. Love seeing the houses and your estate sale adventures!

  5. Hi Mary! Sorry it took so long to get back to you. We had taken a break from blogging but we are back. Thanks for reading about our adventures and we hope you find lots of great things in your neck of the woods! (Rob)