Sunday, August 6, 2017

July, 2017, Comes To An End

We are just one week behind on our posts now and will be caught up mid-week! 

The end of July brought us another abbreviated saling Saturday and yet another trip out east to Uncle Bobby's house. There will be several other trips out east as we look to have cleaned out by mid-October. We had to keep our saling list short on Saturday and the list of six sales listed we compiled during the week would have to be chopped down considerably. By Friday night, we settled on two which one town over from us. This would give us a little saling and still afford us an early start on our trip out east. We awoke Saturday morning. Coffee for Rob. Tea for Monica. Showers for both. Off we went.

Sale #1 was listed as a yard and tag sale. Antiques and collectibles were words that caught our attention in the ad and there were no pictures to change our feelings, for better or for worse. It was exactly as described. A yard sale with some antiques and some collectibles. Nothing was of much interest to us which is good because everything was way overpriced. Time to move on.

On the way to the second sale, this house caught our attention and we had to stop to look closer. It was a plastic pink flamingo party on the lawn! 

Just a couple of minutes up the road was our second sale. It was described as having generations of items and that everything must go. Again, there were no pictures in the ad but we were hoping that we could help some of those things go with us. 

There was a garage, a main floor and a basement (though the basement had been almost entirely cleaned out and its items scattered about the main floor. It was a pretty fun house. We helped them in their goal of making everything go by leaving with some records, a hobo ashtray, a coconut mug and some Christmas things.

After stopping to get some breakfast, we unloaded the car and here is what we brought inside:

Some 12-inch records

A 7-inch record

A ceramic coconut mug (Trader Vic) and a hobo ashtray (marked Japan)

Christmas things. Two records, a ceramic Santa planter and a plastic boot with an elf. The planter and boot are marked Japan.

After the long drive our east, we made it to Uncle Bobby's house and continued with our cleanup. Alas, there were no candy bars to be found anywhere but we got more done and that means we have less to do the remainder of the summer. 

As per the norm out there, we were not alone. When we arrived, there were two bucks and one doe in the yard.

They seemed comfortable with us, at first, but they ran away after a few minutes.

This woodchuck looked at us with some suspicion. When Rob got just a little closer, he crouched down and hissed at him! Maybe he saw Rob's shadow (woodchucks are also known as groundhogs)

Hiss! Snarl! 

Although most of what we dug out went into a room reserved for the future estate sale, we did take these few items home:

Some records

A book

Very old Valentine's Day cards

A groovy old record case for 12-inch records

This wall plate. Monica has been fascinated with is since she was a little girl. Now, it is ours.

 A record player. Uncle Bobby's best friend, Janet, told Monica that Uncle Bobby always told her that he anted Monica to have this.

Here is the inside of the record player. One side separates to provide the second speaker (the first one is built into the record player). We played a record on it. It works!  

It was a very long and adventurous day and we were pretty tired on Sunday especially our workweek seemed so very long. We did our errands and chores on Sunday and Rob did barbecue but we went nowhere other than to the store to get fruit, vegetables and yogurt. We needed to relax and gear up for the long week ahead and that we did. Even when not in high adventure mode, the days are fun when spent together. 


  1. How wonderful that Monica got the record player. My granddaughter came back from a trip recently and brought a lot of Beatles albums only to discover their family record player was broken:-( Her dad thinks he can fix it. Now I guess you are ready for August.

    1. Yes, that record player is special to Monica now. I hope your granddaughter's record player can be fixed. There's nothing like listening to music on vinyl. P.S. - I still have every record by The Beatles from when I was a kid! (Rob)

  2. Nice record player! I always see you pick up records. Do you like newer music and do you have their records? I recently started purchasing records and like to see collections.

    1. Thank you, Liz! It is a special record player since it belonged to Monica's Uncle Bobby. We have a few other record players and you are right...we like to pick up records. Most of ours are older (1940's through 1990's). Do you have a record player? I hope you do and that they have lots of records for sale where you live! (Rob)