Wednesday, August 30, 2017

A "No Sale" Weekend

The third week in August was a "no sale" weekend. Nope. Not even one. It was a regular two day weekend but on Saturday, our primary saling day, there were not any sales enticing enough to draw us to them. We were going to be limited for a time because we were going out east to work some more on Uncle Bobby's house and that could have been a factor in us not looking too far from home. The bottom line is that we did not go saling. So, instead of writing about sales that we visited, we will, instead, just recap our week. 

On Tuesday, it was Monica's sister's birthday. The family gathered at their house for Chinese food take-out (this is how Valerie prefers to celebrate her birthday; Chinese food at home with family).

It was also their turtle's birthday. Speedy turned 22 years old! 

Valerie's birthday cake.

 Birthday celebration or seance?

Happy birthday, Valerie! 

Wednesday was the fortieth anniversary of Elvis Presley's death and what better way to honor the king's life than to get Burger King for dinner? And so we did!

On Saturday, a "no sale" Saturday, we went out east to Uncle Bobby's house to do some more cleaning up. We got a lot accomplished in a short period of time and, as we had hoped, there was wildlife on his property to greet us.

A buck in the yard.

A buck and two of his children.

The deer family...a buck, two fawns and a doe. There was another buck at the other end of the yard.

And, although we didn't do any saling, that doesn't mean we didn't come home with anything! We found a few things of interest to us at Uncle Bobby's house and they came home with us. Here is what we found:

A Handyman magazine from 1965 and a book on seashores

An old barbecue apron

A matchbook from the Garden City Golf Driving Range. This was significant to Monica because her grandfather was a manager there and he actually built most of it! It no longer exists.

An old matchbook from The Long Island Railroad with "Dashing Dan" on the cover, a old Crackerjack bookmark (photographed upside-down) and a vintage lipstick case for Monica.

A ceramic turkey sugar bowl, a ceramic turkey salt shaker (we believe the pepper shaker is still at Uncle Bobby's and we will find it), a "Lou Gehrig" mini bat and a pair of ceramic geese salt and pepper shakers. The turkeys are marked "Japan". The geese are marked "Occupied Japan".

The bat is a Louisville Slugger 125 Hillerich & Bradsby bat. 

Lou Gehrig model.

We found this small, old Christmas tree there, too. Monica's family had a white one like this when she was little. One of her relatives used to make these.

Sunday was spent catching our breath and catching up with our chores and errands and, of course, getting ready for the solar eclipse! 

We both were able to borrow glasses at our jobs to get a glimpse of the 70% totality we had in our area. Rob took this picture with his phone which does not take great pictures. He has no idea why the sun has an orange glow in this picture.

We will remain vigilant awaiting the next eclipse...and awaiting the next weekend of saling opportunities


  1. I've gotta find an apron like that for my son. Love the "stomach pump", "bicarb" and "Tums". LOL No saling but you still managed to go home with treasures and still get to celebrate Valarie's birthday.

    1. Yes, we did have a fun week without saling. We loved that barbecue apron, too. It's funny...Monica took notice of the same things on that apron as you did and had the same reaction! (Rob)

  2. Wonderful photos! I hope Valerie had a great birthday, the cake is beautiful! And I love tortoises! I really enjoy your post and photos, thank you so much for sharing.

    1. Thank you for reading, Linda! Valerie did have a fun time on her birthday! As for the tortoise, he didn't say! (Rob)