Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Not Much Of Anything

This post is for the weekend of October 17th and 18th. We are almost caught up!

We survived another work week to find another weekend was upon us. Saling was on our mind but our list of potential sales was very disappointing. There were a few sales that made our list but none of them looked like they had great potential. We crossed our fingers and hoped for the best.

Sale #1 was advertised as "years of accumulation" but had no pictures to help us interpret what that meant. We soon found out. It was a garage sale without a lot of things for sale. There were a couple of boxes of books and, in one of them, we found three science fiction paperback books from the 1960's that were of interest. That was all we brought home from there.

Sale #2 was simply listed as an estate sale and there were no pictures. With a list of sales so short and with this sale being a couple of minutes from the first sale, it made our list. Like the first one, it was an outdoor sale. It probably had fewer things than the first sale. We did find an old tropical suitcase, a bride and groom cake topper from 1948 and one plastic fall decoration. 

Sale #3, our final sale of the day, was listed as "time to sell everything" and amongst the items listed was a walker. Could that be a hint that "everything" would include some old things? Well, it wasn't. This was a garage sale with nothing, whatsoever, of interest to us. It would be an early day.

With Saturday so absent of quality sales, we searched for a sale or two on Sunday that might change our luck. We found one. It didn't say much but it was run by a tag sale company that has had some great sales in the past. We were optimistic.

In the basement, we found this mounted pencil sharpener which would usually be a good sign. Unfortunately, this was the only thing we found interesting here. We left with nothing.

On the way home, we decided to stop for lunch at a new burger place called Burger City. Hamburger places are popping up all over and this was near the Sunday sale. It was modeled to look a little like drive-in's of the past but without the actual history. The menu was almost identical to All American hamburger Drive-in (one of our favorites and in business since 1963) and the food was really good. Unfortunately, this place has been open for two months and this picture was taken at 11:45 am. It was a ghost town. We hope that this place makes it.

Here are the things we found this weekend:

Some paperback books from the 1960's

An old tropical suitcase, an old plastic fall decoration and a bride and groom cake topper from 1948

We spent the rest of the weekend getting a lot of things done around the house and finding a little time to relax too. We have a three day weekend coming up and we are hopeful that we find a lot more saling opportunities then. It's one extra day for saling. More importantly, it's one extra day together for us. 

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