Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Joaquin Plays The Spoiler

This post is for the first weekend in October. We're a little behind but we're getting closer to being caught up! 

The first weekend in October was supposed to be a four day weekend. The first weekend was supposed to be our stay at the amazing Silver Sands Motel. Neither happened. We blame Joaquin. 

Hurricane Joaquin was wreaking havoc in the Bahamas just a few days before we were scheduled to take our four day weekend out east. Most weather models showed that the storm, once it turned northward, would produce a lot of rain in our area...rain that would continue throughout our whole four day weekend.

We had plans to spend a four day weekend in Greenport with a stay at the amazing Silver Sands Motel Saturday, Sunday and Monday night. We were here last October and had a great time. Silver Sands has been around since 1957 and very little has changed. We love everything about it and the hospitality of Terry and Jean add to the wonderful experience of the stay there. Unfortunately, the forecast of rain all weekend forced us into postponing our trip until another time. We also decided to cancel our vacation day for the Tuesday and just make it a three day weekend. For obvious reasons, we did not become big fans of Joaquin. 

Saturday morning arrived and our focus turned to the day's sales. By now, Joaquin's effect on our area was downgraded to minimal. We would see some rain and we would feel a little wind but Joaquin would not pay us a visit. We were thankful for that. Our list of Saturday sales was limited to just four but none were very far away from us and our itinerary would definitely be completed by the time we headed for home. Off we went!

Sale #1 was located about fifteen minutes east of us and seemed like the perfect starting point. It started the earliest out of the four sales on our list and all three of the other sales were in the same town. This first sale was going to be a mystery to us because there wasn't all that much information about it other than a description that it had "old bar signs", "vintage sports", "records" and more. 

After searching the garage, we went inside and went to the basement first where we found this basement bar. Monica searched it thoroughly.

We also found the pencil sharpener mounted to the wall. We hoped that it would be a good sign! 

In a finished crawl space in the basement, there was this little play area with model railroad tracks (the trains were in the garage) and some mounted airplane models. We are sure that there was much more here at one time. This must have been a fun play area for a kid!

There was a really cool old washing machine with wringer. It was in great condition! It is a Maytag! 

Although there were two floors, one garage, one shed and one mounted pencil sharpener sighting, all we found here was one record. First, some breakfast and then on to the next sale.

Sale #2 was run by one of our favorite tag sale companies. They are great people and we have had a lot of luck at their sales. We hoped that "entire contents" would be a lucky sale.

The living room (and several other rooms) were filled with records and we spent a considerable amount of time sifting through them!

Our hosts, Ron and Liz, were happy to see us! 

The basement was packed and this, too, took us a lot of time. Monica was so busy searching through the rubble that she couldn't even stop long enough to pose for a picture! We spent almost two hours at this house and we did not leave empty-handed! Records, glasses, Tupperware and a few other things came home with us! 

Sale #3 was just down the road and it was being run by another one of our favorite tag sale companies. There was nothing in the ad that drew it to us. We saw a house with old elements and saw who was running the sale...and we know that they don't always highlight the things that we like. We have found many unexpected treasures at their sales over the years.

There were two floors and we searched the basement first. This great old metal cabinet was down there with great handles. That was a good sign.

Just down the hallway from the cabinet was this cluttered closet. Rob started digging when he saw Christmas things hidden under boxes. This is what the closet looked like after twenty minutes of digging. We found some good Christmas things in here.

There was also a bar in the basement and we found three old tiki mugs behind it! 

On the main floor, the original pink bathroom remained intact. This always makes us smile! What also made us smile were all of the things we found at this house. Aside from Christmas things and tiki mugs, we also found some ashtrays and a few other things!

Our fourth and final sale sale of the day was also in the same town and we were there in moments. It was described as a "moving sale" and that "all must go". It was the second day of this sale so we had no idea whether there would be anything worthwhile for us.

The attic above the garage was packed but we did not find a single thing for us...nor did we find much of anything in any of the rooms of the house. We did come home with one cookbook though

With the threat of rain present most of the weekend, we did not do any barbecuing. We had some chores and some errands to do and we spread them out over the remainder of the weekend, making sure to find time to relax together too. 

We did make one visit to a thrift shop in town but didn't find anything worthwhile but we had plenty of good finds on Saturday.

Here is what we brought home the first weekend in October:

Some records

Some Christmas records

Some old Tupperware bowls and parfait cups; all with lids

A milk cup, some ashtrays, an old sugar dispenser, a googly eyed shot glass, some tiki mugs and a ceramic flamingo. The milk cup, tiki mugs and flamingo are all marked Japan.

McDonald's giveaway glasses from the 1970's

More giveaway glasses from the 1970's...Star Wars, Burger King, Beaky Blizzard and Yosemite Sam

Wonder Woman and Batman giveaway glasses

Books, pamphlets and a honeycomb wedding centerpiece

Some Easter things

Some Halloween things

A 1960's Lacolite Industries electric Christmas display

Some Christmas things

Some more Christmas things

It was great having a three day weekend together but we did miss our trip to Greenport.  

Most of all, we missed our visit to Silver Sands. We'll be back next year. We promise! 


  1. We had those "singin kids" when I was growing up! So glad to see you had fun at the Silver Sands. I had stopped by there on a Retro Roadmap visit out in that area (gah, years ago!) and glad to see it's still charming.

    1. Thanks, Mod Betty! Isn't that place the best? We didn't go this year because of Hurricane Joaquin (the pictures are from last year) but we will be back there again next year for sure! (Rob)

  2. If only I could go saling with you guys. It is like you travel from one museum to another only at these museums you have an option to buy the treasure. Love seeing the wringer washer!

    1. We wish you could saling with us, too, Granny Annie! That would be fun! (Rob)