Wednesday, September 9, 2015

Labor Day Weekend 2015

Our next three day weekend had arrived! It probably wouldn't be a great saling weekend (Labor Day weekend rarely is) but it would be an extra weekend together and that would be nice. Starting Monday, there would be sixteen more weeks remaining in 2015 and eleven of those would be shortened work weeks (due to holidays and/or vacation days) and that made us pretty happy! 

Our Saturday morning did not start with saling, as it typically does, but with some household emergency work. Our washing machine drain hose decided to break just as the washing machine was draining. We were there to see it all unfold and, luckily, we managed to avoid any flood damage. Monica quickly threw down some towels to catch the water that escape and Rob held the hose in place while the water drained out so that we would not have to deal with any additional water. Our washing machine is in an attached garage with a concrete floor and our only fear was that the water would run into some boxes that we have stored in there. We acted fast enough to avoid any problems and after a quick cleanup, a run to the hardware store for a new hose and a quick installation of this new hose, we were ready to move on. A quick stop for lunch and we were ready for saling.

As of Friday night, we actually did not have any sales on our list. It is always slow on Labor Day weekend but there were two last minute ads posted on Saturday morning that seemed worth a look and those two sales became our route for Saturday.

Sale #1 was an "entire contents" sale. The couple (aged 90 and 88) were moving to an assisted living community and just no longer had room for a lot of their things. They had some great old furniture and a bar in the living room but none of these items were our style.

Upstairs, we this very fuzzy chair which was like no other chair we have ever seen! 

We hope that no gossamers were harmed in the making of this chair! 

We didn't find much here to our liking but we enjoyed talking to the couple who was moving. We went home with two old drink mixing pamphlets and some old Halloween trick or treat bags.

Our second, and final, sale of the day was eight minutes away from the first sale and was listed as an estate sale that mentioned old records. The sale was limited to one room that has records, a box of not-so-old Christmas decorations and a few other things. We did find some records that we liked and we brought those home.

With a late start to saling and the mini disaster with the washing machine that morning, we decided to spend the evening relaxing after barbecuing at the house. Of course, with a three day weekend, there were three opportunities to fire up the barbecue...and we did just that! 

After a Sunday mixed with chores, errands and relaxation time, we took a post-barbecue walk around town; something we love to do when the weather is nice. Our town is filled with shops and restaurants, many of which are trendy and expensive. They have to be. The rent in town is very high! 

There are a few places that seem to be immune to the passage of time. This old shoe repair store has been in this spot forever and,..

...this old, rickety-looking plumbing store remains in business despite the odds. We love that this has managed to survive in a world filled with change.

Of course, we don't spend the time in town just looking. We have to stop for Italian Ices on a summer night, don't we?

On Monday (Labor Day), we found a last minute ad placed for a garage sale containing "vintage 60's and 70's items". It was just ten minutes away and we figured that it was worth a look. There wasn't a great deal of things for sale but we did find a couple of books and some old curtains. Our arrival home was delayed by a stop at the market to pick up some fruit for the week and a visit to the cemetery to visit Monica's mom.

Monday was a bit of a lazy day since Rob developed a cold overnight and we were both just a little worn down. Although it would be a short workweek, we still needed to have the energy to get through it.

Oh, we did get a few things over the weekend. Here are our modest finds:

Some baseball books for Rob

Some records

A few more records

Some old curtains

Some drink pamphlets and some old Halloween trick or treat bags

It may have been a modest saling weekend but it was an opportunity to spend more time together and that is always enough to keep the ducks smiling! 

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