Monday, September 7, 2015

About That Couch

Back in June, we posted about an orange couch that we had been in search of for many years. This was the original post:

When we were kids, orange couches were part of our life.

This is Monica's mom in the early 1960's in front of the orange couch that was in Monica's living room when she was growing up until 1976 when it was replaced. 
This is Rob's grandmother's orange couch as Christmas decorating got started in 1962. Rob's grandmother lived next door to him and he was here every day as was that couch until it was replaced in the 1980's. 

On Wednesday, May 20th, there was an estate sale that pictured the couch that we both wanted so badly. We only discovered the sale a few days before but quickly had vacation days approved and, to make a long story short, we got the orange couch and the matching chair.

It was nearly perfect. It's only flaw was that some of the foam in the cushions was a little hard and brittle. We ordered some new foam, waited the three weeks until it was in stock, and brought it home. After carefully measuring and cutting the foam to size, we replaced the hard foam with brand new thick, comfortable foam and the cushions look and feel perfect!

We have had the furniture in our living room for months but we finally decided to take some pictures and share them with you. 

Two pictures of our new couch in our living room.

And, as we mentioned, it came with a matching chair! 


  1. Love your living room. Had an orange couch that was given to me. It was more french provincial. Had a 50's two piece sectional that I bought in the 80's. The foam was crumbly but I loved the look of it. The curtains remind me of some my grandmother had. Monica's mom and her dress are beautiful. I also wore the can cans in those days.

    1. Thank you, Gail! Aren't orange couches always meaningful in our lives? And yes, it is a great picture of Monica's mom! (Rob)

    Love your Starburst Clocks... And curtains... And atomic lamps... And -OH, can I just move in???!