Thursday, August 27, 2015

Looking For A Diamond In The Rough

We are still just a little behind on our blog but we are almost caught up! This post is for the weekend of August 15th and 16th.

Some weeks have those sales that you know will have some great things up for grabs and the question is not whether you want to go. It is will you be the ones to get to them first...and whether they will be at a bargain price. Most weeks just don't have those "must go" sales. This was definitely one of those weeks. Still, we created a long list of potential sales to keep us busy. We would choose our first stop, decide upon the rest as we went and remain hopeful. We always do. With our first stop set, off we went.
Stop #1 was an easy choice. It was in our town and started at 8am which is a fairly early start time for sales. It was advertised as "Grandma's house" and we wanted to see what Grandma had for us. We arrived to find that the sale was run by fellow salers who live nearby and attended our garage sale a few years ago (he is waving in the background). They are friends of the decedent's family and were there to help. There weren't a lot of rooms but we did find a few cool things. Three great wooden picture frames were there and, although we do not like the prints that are currently housed in the frames, they came home with us. We also found two albums filled with Culinary Arts cookbooks from the 1950's and 1960's. We have so many of these (maybe all of them) but we have never sat down to figure out what we don't have. At 25 cents an album, it was an easy choice to take these. We also found a couple of other things. It was a good start to the day.

Stop #2 was also in our town and we figured it was worth a shot. We wondered what "vintage toys" would be. We were here before the 9am stop but they had opened up early so we did not have to wait. It wound up being a garage sale without any toys that we would call vintage. It was a quick stop that resulted in nothing at all.

Soon after we left the previous stop, we saw an estate sale sign and followed it. Here is where we wound up...again! We have been here twice before. The estate sale is almost a weekly occurrence and it is always the same things inside. The brother of the decedent runs the sale and is always saying that he has more things to drag out. We haven't seen anything new at all. Every time we go, we spy, through a window to the garage, an old, plastic Christmas wall hanging that we would really like to have. Rob mentioned it to him on our first visit and he said that he would drag it out. It remains there unmoved. Maybe one day, we'll get it. Until then, we will probably always leave empty-handed. 

After a stop for breakfast, we made our way to the next sale. It was run by a tag sale company that we know and it was advertised as "magnificent mid-century". That definitely sounded like a place we wanted to be! 

The basement is usually the first place we like to look and this house was no exception. Rob thoroughly checked behind the bar.

There was a mounted pencil sharpener down there which we hoped would be a good sign! 

Clowns stared at us as we searched that basement. We were more than a little nervous! We did manage to leave the basement unharmed and searched the rest of the small house fairly quickly. We didn't find a lot but we did leave with a couple of Christmas things, a sleeve of Rheingold beer coasters, a record and a few other things.

Planned stop #4 was in the same town as our last stop and we were hopeful that "Christmas" and "records" would make the trip worthwhile. It did not. It was a garage sale with lots of uninteresting records and newer Christmas stuff and not much else. It was a quick stop that never saw us open our wallets.

It was still only midday when we arrived at this last stop. There were a few other potential on the list but they were all pretty far away and we did not have any strong feelings about any others. This sale was 25 minutes from the previous sale and we both felt that it was worth a trip. We hoped that "full contents of old home" would bring us some treasures.

It was a privately run sale with a basement, main floor and upstairs to search. It was not a digger but there was enough there to search. And, it was certainly an old home. Look at that old green bathroom!

The countertop was boomerang! 

The medicine cabinet was boomerang too! 

By the time we left, we added a few books, an old clothesline and a vintage glass to our belongings.

Here are the things we found that day:

A Wayne Newton Christmas album

A Redd Foxx album

A Partridge Family 7-inch record

Some books

Two albums filled with vintage cookbooks

One large vintage framed print

Two smaller vintage framed prints. We will change the pictures on each of these

The Cordomatic clothesline reel. It is in its box and has its instructions. It is from 1967.

A vintage glass and a sleeve of Rheingold hard stock coasters

Some Christmas things. The salt and pepper shakers in the front are marked Japan

Although the saling portion of the weekend ended fairly early, it just meant that the rest of the weekend started early. We managed to take a nap together Saturday afternoon and then spent the remainder of the weekend just simply spending time together. We even managed to barbecue both Saturday and Sunday night. 

We're never quite sure where our adventures will take us and that's okay. We know wherever we wind up, we will get there together.

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