Sunday, August 9, 2015

A Short Saling Day

We are still just a little behind on our blogging. This post is for the last weekend in July. We will be caught up soon this week!

We struggled mightily during the week to come up with a big list of sales for the weekend. We struggled mightily to even come up with a short list and, even by Saturday morning, we still only had three potential sales. None appeared to be outstanding but two of them were in the town next door. Even if they turned out to be busts, we wouldn't waste a lot of time or gas on the first two stops. We, as always, remained hopeful that we would find a few things to bring home with us. Holding onto some optimism, off we went! 

Sale #1 was a complete bust. It was advertised as a garage sale that was "years in the making". The number of years must not have been very many. There was nothing old here at all.

Sale #2 was run by a tag sale company that we know and was on its second day. That might mean better prices but it also meant that some of the better things would probably be gone. We saw a few old Christmas things in the pictures for the ad and we were hopeful that they might still be here.

The back room was where the things in the pictures were and they still seemed to be here. There weren't many things but we grabbed what we liked.

The basement was huge and packed, both with things and with people. Monica found some cocktail stirrers and a few of them came home with us.

We spent thirty minutes in the basement, not only because there were lots of boxes but because moving about was difficult with so little room and so many people.

We eventually found our way out of the basement and out of the front door. With us came a few Christmas things, lots of New Year's Eve noisemakers, some cocktail stirrers and a few other things. It was not a wasted trip.

What was a wasted trip was stop #3. What was advertised as a "60 year accumulation" was an outside garage sale with very little to offer. We went home empty-handed.

With a very short list and some very short visits, we were done with our saling by midday and, after a stop for some pizza for lunch, we were home early.

Here are the things we brought home with us:

Some old TWA cocktail stirrers

A pair of salt and pepper shakers (made in Japan but perfect for our annual Cinco de Mayo parties) and an old squeak toy

Lots of old New Year's Eve noisemakers, all of which have wooden handles

Some Christmas things. Santa and the mica house on the right are marked Japan.

It may not have been the best saling weekend ever but the weather was beautiful and we had the weekend together. That even makes the ducks smile. 

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