Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Just One Sale

This post is for the weekend beginning January 31, 2015. We will be caught up soon!

It was still winter...and it was still January...and estate sales were still slow. The roads were clear of snow in our post-blizzard world (though we did get a couple of more inches during the week). Yes...the roads were clear but the lawns didn't seem like they would be for months! 

As for the sales, there was just one. We really weren't surprised but we were still hopeful, as the week began, that we would at least have a few sales to visit. As it turns out, we didn't. There was only one sale that showed any potential. That one sale became our list for Saturday. With a recently cleared road and hope in our hearts, off we went!

Our first sale, well...our only sale was about thirty minutes from our house and was advertised as a vintage home. The pictures showed some cool vintage furniture and, although we have no room for any more furniture, we were interested in might also be there from the same time period. All of the houses were set back from the road and had long driveways and we just weren't sure which had the sale initially. At first, we thought it might be this house and we hoped the driveway was well shoveled! 

As it turned out, that wasn't the house...this was. At least, this was the driveway and, while it was long and steep, it was shoveled and that was good. Monica was encouraging Rob to hurry up! 

The entrance into the sale was through a garage which really turned out to be a good thing because...

...there was a line and it was cold outside! We managed to get inside after only a twenty minute wait and we made the most of our time. We found five vintage flowerpots including some McCoy pots...and we also found some packets of cow manure which is something we thought of using in the garden this spring.

There were two big floors to search and the first one we tackled was the basement. We loved this a lot but it was definitely in need of some restoration and, unfortunately, we do not have room for this right now.

The basement had plenty of places worth searching. We left no drawer unopened

The main floor had lots of rooms to search too...and some great furniture

Here's another look at the living room. You can see the bar area in the upper right portion of this picture.

We also saw this great old television which was marked as a 1955 model. Although we did not buy any furniture or electronics, we did get some great things and it was a great sale.

Here are the things we brought home:

A Christmas record...

...the inside has a place to mark it as a gift!

Some cookbooks

Some more cookbooks

More cookbooks

And more cookbooks

More cookbooks plus some recipe cards from Beatrice Cooke

Cake decorating stencils, a drink recipe giveaway and several household books

Books and a road map. 

Old brochures from Howe Caverns and Lake George and an old Lake George patch

Old postcards from Niagara Falls and a pair of matchbooks from Niagara Falls' Anchor Motel; all from 1959

Some old flowerpots

Some old packets of cow manure that we will use in our garden this spring

An old cake decorator's level, a zipper repair kit, two Tintex household dye packages, a super Add-A-Matic (made in Japan), a package of special occasion place cards and some old Cracker Jack prizes.

"Pink Poodle" nail polish, plastic salt and pepper shakers, an old Meow Mix squeak toy, an old Geisler can of catnip and a vintage glass

Some old birthday cake toppers and candles

Some Howard Johnson's picks

Some old Ocean Spray and Spry labels. There are lots of recipes and special offers on the labels! 

Vintage greeting cards for Valentine's Day, St. Patrick's Day, Easter, New Year's Day and more!

More vintage cards

Vintage Christmas cards

Some vintage Christmas things

Three boxes of Shiny Brites and a knee hugger elf (marked Japan). The boxes are empty except for the four ornament shown. We will use these to store loose ornaments that we already have

We spent Sunday doing our errands and finding some time to relax together. Of course, we had to prepare for winter storm round two. For the second week in a row, a Sunday night into Monday storm was on its way. Last week, it brought 19 inches of snow with it. 

This time, it would be freezing rain and then sleet and then snow; the combination of which would leave the roadways treacherous. Rob pulled over on the side of the road to capture this view of the road on his way home from work Monday.

Monday was also Groundhog Day and Monica surprised Rob with a groundhog shaped meatball on top of his spaghetti. Of course, there were lots of regular meatballs and lots of spaghetti sauce that was added right after this picture but the groundhog meatball was his favorite. There are a few official groundhogs in our area. Some saw their shadow. Some didn't We still don't know how long winter will last but we'll get through it together. We always do. 


  1. Great one sale! Love the cards.

    1. Thanks, Liz! We loved the cards too! (Rob)

  2. Too bad you had to pass up that great furniture, but you found some amazing 'smalls.' The Wave Christmas cards are neat. I had no idea someone would market those at the time.

    1. Thanks, Reduce, Reuse and Rummage! We wish we could have brought home some of the furniture! The "wave" cards were a surprise to us too. At the time, there must have been a good market for these in a very patriotic era of our country (Rob)

  3. How in the world did you resist that furniture?!! It is like those people lived in their own 50's museum. (Still love the meatball. So clever that Monica.)

    1. It was tough to resist, Granny Annie, but what made it easier was two things.
      #1 We have no room for them
      #2 Each of those items was priced at over $400.
      By the way, Monica IS clever and she makes GREAT meatballs! (Rob)