Friday, February 13, 2015

And Winter Continues

During the month and December and halfway through January, it looked like we would escape the winter relatively unscathed. There was a little snow but nothing that felt intrusive to our quality of life. We were never snowbound. There were no snow days. There was very little shoveling. There was very little in the way of days whose temperatures could be classified as frigid or brutal. Winters in this part of the world seem to run in patterns, at least during our lifetime. Several winters in a row would be defined as rough, snowy winters. Then, several winters in a row would be mild with just a little snow. Our last few winters have fallen into the category of true winters with at least of few instances of significant snow and at least one snowfall that could be labeled a memorable snow event. For the first month of this winter, it looked as if we had changed the trend. The last four weeks have changed everything. We have had several snowfalls of note. We have had one blizzard that left a blanket of 19 inches of snow and begat a snow day. We have had several days whose temperatures forced us to check the record books to see if a new entry was necessary. Perhaps there is a correlation between the weather and the scarcity of great sales.

For the second week in a row, we targeted only one sale. There were a few others that made our original list but, upon looking again, we eliminated them. We chose, instead, to go to the one sale that showed potential and then to visit Monica's dad for a few hours. It would be a day well spent.

 Our one sale had no specific description that caught our eye nor were there any pictures of anything we were specifically targeting. The pictures did, however, hint at a house that had not been disturbed in may a year and that might have some hidden treasures that might just be uncovered by us. That was our hope. 

The main floor had a bathroom that was not in the best of shape but was old. Turquoise tiles, a turquoise toilet and a great old floor told us that we may have made a good decision.

On the way down the basement stairs, we spied the remnants of an old pencil sharpener...always a good sign! 

The basement was a fun place to search. This couch was groovy. We're sure Greg Brady would agree! 

There were many spots in the basement that were cluttered like this. It always makes for good hunting! 

There was a cool television in the basement that we did not get

There were so many looks into the past on the main floor this dishwasher,

We spent two hours in this house and, although no appliances or electronics were able to call our house their new home, we did find several things of interest and we did not go home empty handed. Here is what we did bring home:

Some records

A book on Indians from 1962. Thee are no more Indians...just Native Americans.

A shirt for Rob

It is a Jantzen

A package of old Easter eggs and a Keds giveaway frisbee

Some old Halloween blow mold pumpkins and some old Halloween die cuts

Starburst light covers. We have the fixture that these belong to but we did not have the original covers. These are from the early 1960's and were an incredibly useful find! 

A close up view of one of the starburst light covers

Vintage Christmas cards

A roll of vintage Christmas wrapping paper

A pair of old Christmas stockings...

...that are reversible! 

It was one stop but it was a fun stop that we enjoyed very much. After getting a late breakfast, we stopped at Monica's dad's house for a few hours and then spent the evening at home. Sunday, as always, was spent doing errands and chores and, of course, finding time to relax together. The errands necessarily included food shopping. Monday was predicted to be a tough traveling day...and it was. A coating of freezing rain and sleet made the roadways treacherous. 

We made it through. We always do. We look forward to the spring. We know it will come eventually. In the meantime, we have each other to stay warm. That is all we will ever really need. 

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