Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Welcome To The House Of Fun

We are STILL a little behind on our postings but we'll be up to date soon. We just know we will! 

The third week of January was here and so was a three day weekend; our first of 2015. Saling would be our first priority. Taking down our Christmas decorations would be our second priority. We got a start during the week but most of our decorations remained in place as the weekend began. It is not an easy process but we really were determined to complete the task by the end of the weekend. We would put that aside until after our Saturday saling adventures were done. Again, it was the third week in January and, as is typical at this time of year, sales were not aplenty. Our itinerary consisted of two sales but both showed some promise so, with hope in our hearts, off we went! 

Sale#1 was run by one of our favorite estate sale companies. Unfortunately, they have a tendency to run sales on Fridays which is a work day for the two of us and we miss a lot of their sales. This sale began on Friday, too, but it was scheduled for a second day and it did say "60 years of accumulation" so it made our list.

The gargoyle on the door was a little scary but we knew it would not be as scary inside...and it wasn't. The owner of the estate sale company was very happy to see us. She always asks Rob to do his "Mr. Ed" impression and he obliged. There were not a lot of rooms to search and, if the house had hidden treasures, they were long gone. We picked up one record and one book.

After a stop for breakfast, we made our way to our final sale which was also run by an estate sale company that knows us pretty well. 

There was a captain to greet us outside and we were greeted, at least as warmly, by the estate sale company employees running the sale.

From the moment we walked in, we knew this was the house of fun

So many of the rooms has walls littered with everything imaginable. The owners of this house were clearly collectors of everything. This was the door leading to the basement.

The basement had this great bar. Rob searched it thoroughly!

The bathroom was green with a cracked ice countertop with creepy hands as soap dishes!

Look at the great bathroom floor!

Did we mention that this was the house of fun? Almost every room had walls covered with so many things! 

Mummies, knights and everything. The walls were covered!

Almost every wall! 

There were not too many things that we wanted from the walls but there were other things of interest and, when we left this house, we brought home a great room divider lamp table, some cocktail stirrers, a giant tiki spoon, some old Carvel plastic cups, an old metal flamigo tray and more!

Here are some of the things we brought home with us:

A record

A pair of booklets and a travel map from the New York World's Fair. The "We Learn About The Telephone" book is from 1964.

Some cocktail stirrers

A giant wooden tiki spoon

The handle has cool tikis!

Some old Carvel plastic cups, an old metal flamingo tray and a ceramic dog (marked Japan)

A great old room divider lamp table. Our mannequin, Sharon, approves! 

On Monday, we went to the thrift shop to donate more of Monica's mom's clothes. That's Monica peering through the opening of the sign. Of course, we also looked around in the thrift shop (as well as two other thrift shops) for anything of interest to us but we did not find anything.

It was a beautiful day but a cold day. Look at the ice chunks in the bay! 

The seagull didn't mind the ice but he did seem a little annoyed that we did not bring food for him!

It was a great day off and a great three day weekend together. Oh...so what did we do on Sunday and the rest of Monday? We undecorated...and we finished the task! More on that on the next post


  1. Will your walls look like that someday?

  2. The DoorKnocker! The SoapHand!
    They didn't come home with you???
    You always find the best.STUFF. !!

    1. Ha Ha! They were fun to see but they were not our style! (Rob)