Tuesday, January 13, 2015

2015 Begins

Well, we are still a little behind on our posts but we are ever so close to being up to date. We hope everyone has had a great start to 2015!

New Year's Eve was spent at Monica's sister's house (who lives just a few minutes from our house). This has become our annual tradition. Monica's dad came by but only stayed until 9 pm. Unfortunately, Monica's brother was under the weather and did not make it to our celebration. By the time the clock struck twelve, there were only the two of us plus Monica's sister, brother-in law, nephew and two nieces (Monica's brother's daughter was sleeping over). It was quiet but that is how we like it...quiet...and with family.

The girls wore their tiaras

Monica's brother-in-law was being goofy!

Monica's sister, nephew and Monica were ready for 12 o'clock!

Happy New Year! 

We both took vacation days the day after New Year's Day and why not? New year's Day was a Friday and taking that one strategic vacation day made it a four day weekend. We did not do much on New Year's Day other than relax. Rob starting getting a nasty cold the night before and now it had fully settled in. It was a good day to rest to get rid of that cold! Friday found him feeling much better and we went on a road trip (with Monica's sister's family and her dad) to go visit Monica's Uncle Bobby. He lives about an hour away and he is no longer as mobile as he used to be. It is easier to visit him than it is for him to visit us. We spent several hours at his house and had a great time. He has so many great stories and he is always entertaining!

Saturday morning arrived and we had our saling list compiled. It didn't take long. There was only one sale of interest. We were not surprised. Two days after New Year's Day didn't seem like it would be a busy day for sales...and it wasn't. The sale was two counties and almost one hour from home. That was okay...it was our one sale.

We got a fairly early start. It was a one hour travel commitment each way plus we were hosting a post-holiday get together at our house that evening. There were still a few preparations remaining!

The sale was advertised as "60 years of accumulation". When we got inside, we knew the description was pretty accurate. There were not many rooms to search but there were plenty of old things...and almost everything was overpriced. That was a shame because there really were some things we liked a lot. There were even lots of records there but, at $4 an album, none were worth that price. We never pay more than a $1 for a record (and often less). We did not get any records. We did, however, find a few reasonably priced items and they came home with us.

We were making good time and we were hungry. We stopped at one of our favorite diners for a late breakfast. We manage to get here a few times a year. It was crowded and we sat at the counter

The Mineola Diner...since 1948! 

The neon signs are the originals. The food is always great! 

Here is what we found at the weekend's only sale:

A few paperback books

The smoking monkey...still in its original package! 

We made it home in plenty of time to make our last minute preparations for our soiree that evening. We always host a family party at this time of year. The food was, for the most part, made the day before and most of the food just had to be warmed up.

Cheese (many types) and crackers (two types were served as starters as well as chips and dip. Ziti, Caesar salad, a delicious cornbread casserole (courtesy of Monica's brother's girlfriend) and more were served as the main course. Getting back to the cheese and crackers...even Andy Griffith had to agree that these were goood crackers! 

Monica's brother, Monica's niece (with one of Monica's brother's girlfriend's dogs), Monica's brother in law, Monica's niece, Monica's brother's girlfriend and Monica's sister.

Our nephew gave the party two thumbs up!

Monica's dad and sister

Monica placed cocktail charms on all of the glasses. Monica put a key on Rob's glass which puzzled him until she showed him that her glass had a heart. She said Rob had the key to her heart! 

It was a great night and a great weekend. We did our chores on Sunday but we did not take down any Christmas decorations. We wait until after The Epiphany to do that. It will be a lengthy process and the inside of the house will look very different but we will get it done together...and look forward to the next chapter in our life together amongst the ducks. 


  1. I have to say I love your love! Always a delight to read your blog

  2. Your Cheese 'fish tray' is AMAZING!!!!

    1. Thanks, svelteSTUFF! We found that about four years ago but, believe it or not, it is the first time we used it! (Rob)