Friday, December 19, 2014

The Ultimate Sale - An Annual Tradition

We are still a little behind in our postings. This is for the weekend of December 6th and 7th. We hope to be caught up soon!

Another Saturday had arrived and, as usual, we compiled our list of potential sales during the week for review together Friday night. This week, we did not have to figure out where to go first. Our first stop was on our calendar for weeks. Our first stop was an annual tradition that Monica has observed since she was a kid. Our first stop was what Monica refers to as "The Ultimate Sale". 

The Ultimate Sale is an annual church sale in December that is near Monica's hometown. Monica has gone every year since what seems like the beginning of time! She even went during a snowstorm one year and only two people were there (and Monica HATES to drive in the snow). Rob was introduced to this sale several years ago by Monica and now it is part of his tradition too. 

We try to get to the sale one hour early so we are not too far back in the line. As you can see from the view behind us, there are plenty of other people willing to wait on line!

Of course, we were not the first ones here. There were about 25 people who got on line earlier then we did! Everyone brings bags so they are ready to scoop up whatever appeals to them

The doors open promptly at 10am and it becomes a mad frenzy to find the hidden treasures that may be here. Of course, like all church sales, the pickings become slimmer and slimmer every year and we usually only find a few things to take home. Still, it is a fun tradition and we never come home empty-handed. We found some old birthday cake toppers, an old barbecue skewer set, a turkey cake pan, a pair of old ceramic lions and a few other things.

After getting some breakfast, we made our way to our second stop which was an easy choice. It was another church sale that is located in Monica's hometown. It is always the same week as the ultimate sale. There is a room for new items and a room for the rummage sale items. 

Guess which room we chose first!

We never find a lot at this sale but it never hurts to look! We took home a new sock monkey. He needed a home! 

Since nothing else really looked very good this weekend, we decided to go to two sales in the same town which was also on our way home. The first sale had a very low key ad but seemed to be an older house and that meant potential. It was raining all day and we were anxious to get indoors...especially Monica who wanted Rob to snap quicker pictures! 

There were two floors to search and there were definitely older things in the house. This great turquoise typewriter was one of them. We did not buy this but we did bring home a Thanksgiving Gurley candle, a record and a few books. It was a worthwhile stop!

Our fourth and final stop was at a sale run by one of our favorite tag sale companies. On any other day, we might have passed on this sale but, on a day with few choices, we decided to stop by and say hello. 

It turned out to be a good decision. There was a pencil sharpener mounted to the wall leading to the garage. That is always a good sign! Although the house was not packed with a lot of things, we did find a great deviled egg tray (with a pair salt and pepper shakers), a few Halloween things, an old ashtray, a record and a few other fun things

Here is what we brought home with us this weekend:

Some books

A pair of records

A superfly sock monkey

Some old cake toppers

A pair of ceramic lions (marked Japan), some Halloween things, a rubber duck and a small St. Patrick's Day hat

A package of old barbecue skewers and a Thanksgiving cake pan

An old ashtray (with hippos), a Family Guy bobblehead, a Gurley Thanksgiving candle, an old squeak toy and a deviled egg tray with salt and pepper shakers (from Japan)

There weren't a lot of sales but there were just enough to keep our saling needs satisfied...and we didn't break tradition...we went to The Ultimate Sale! Speaking of traditions, we're still busy decorating for Christmas. It is a lengthy project but it will be well worth the trouble once it is completed. Then, and only then, can we sit back and relax and enjoy the holiday it was always meant to be.