Saturday, December 6, 2014

Back Into Our Routine

This post is for the weekend before Thanksgiving. We are a little behind but we hope to catch up soon! 

 After a couple of emotionally heartbreaking weeks for us and Monica's family, we were ready to go full force back into our routine. Saturday would mean saling but, first, Friday night would mean reviewing our individual lists together to see what sales each of us had found...and then mapping out our course. 

There were several sales that showed some promise though we were not chasing anything in particular. The only specific thing that we saw, in any photo, that we really wanted was an old bullet planter, We have several already but you know what they can never have enough bullet planters. We narrowed down our choices to what potential we saw in the descriptions of the sales and any pictures there were of the inside of the homes. We had our fingers crossed. Off we went! 

Our first sale was at the house that had the bullet planter in the ad for this sale. It was the second day of the sale and we did not expect to see the bullet planter...and we didn't. It was long gone by the time we arrived. 

The bullet planter was not the only reason we chose this sale. All of the pictures pointed towards a house that might have cool things inside. The house had two floors and lots of rooms to search. The living room was the first room we saw and we were immediately drawn to the curtains...vintage barkcloth...and both of them were in great shape. Spoiler alert...we bought them.

The basement was packed and we had lots of digging to do. Monica was prepared for it and knew where to start. She had an idea!

We knew the basement was going to be good when we saw the mounted pencil sharpener. It is always a good sign.

Although we did not find the bullet planter, this was a good first stop. In addition to the curtains, we also found a few vintage greeting cards, some Christmas items, an old ashtray, a old Halloween honeycomb cat and a few other things.

The next stop was a no-brainer. It was in the same town as the first sale and was listed as "60 years of accumulation". That sounded very much like our kind of sale. 

The front of the house was amazing! It looked pretty much untouched from its creation sometime in the 1950's.

The inside was pretty amazing too! Look at all of those great metal cabinets! 

There was a great stove built right into the kitchen wall too!

There were three floors to search and we started with the basement. This 3-D poster of the human body was mounted to the wall. We did think it was pretty cool but we did not buy it.

This great old television was in the attic. We came very, very close to buying this but it was missing its back panel and we decided against getting it. It would have been a great project to get this working again!

This old refrigerator was also upstairs and it was in great condition. We had no intentions to buy this but we did appreciate seeing it!

We spent over an hour in this house digging through its every corner. By the time we left, we found some records, an old die-cut Thanksgiving Day turkey, some old Christmas things, some booklets, an old ashtray and a few other things for our home.

After a stop for breakfast, we moved towards Sale #3. The company running this sale had first opened this house up two weeks ago. It was advertised as a hoarder's home and that peaked our interest. We went here then but encountered a long line and, with limited time that day, moved on without ever leaving the car. It was time to try this sale again. When we arrived, there was a line but it was much shorter than what we saw two weeks before. We decided to stay. In less than thirty minutes, we were inside.

Our first stop was in the basement and it certainly was as advertised...a hoarder's home. There was hardly room to move between the boxes but, as always, we managed. We spent an hour in the basement alone which did not leave us much time for the other floors. We arrived at the sale after 12:30 and did not get inside until after 1pm. The sale was scheduled to end at 3pm and time was limited now. We did a quick but thorough scan of the main floor and would like to have searched the attic but, alas, the attic was off limits. At some point earlier in the day, someone's foot had come through the ceiling and the upstairs was deemed unsafe. Although we did not get a chance to search that floor, we did find some good things on the other floors. We brought home a great ceramic santa, sleigh and reindeer set from the 1950's, a vintage tablecloth, a vintage sweater, some cookbooks and a few other things. All three stops so far had been pretty good.

With the day getting late, we knew we would not make all of the remaining sales on our list and decided to choose just one more...a church sale that was just a few moments away

This church has a few sales a year and we try to go to all of them. Unlike so many other church sales nowadays, we always seem to find a few things that are worthwhile. Today was no exception. We found a few things in the white elephant room and enough good things to take advantage of the "fill a bag" offer in another room. We took home some old Tupperware, a book, a record, a piggy bank, a Pyrex dish, some pamphlets and a few other things

Here are some of the things we brought home with us:

Some cookbooks

Some books

Some more books

Some records

Some Hawaiian records

Some Tom Jones records

A vintage tablecloth

A vintage sweater for Monica

Some vintage wrapping paper

Vintage barware

Vintage duck safety pins and an old duck cake topper

Vintage postcards

An old box of sparklers, some old ash trays, some old decks of cards. some hard stock coasters and an old hand mixer

Vintage Tupperware and Pyrex, Fred Flintstone and Scooby Doo pencil toppers, an old New Year's noisemaker, a Valentine's Day planter, a ceramic poodle and a ceramic piggy bank. The planter, poodle and piggy bank are all marked Japan

An old die-cut turkey

An old die-cut Halloween honeycomb cat, some cake toppers and some vintage greeting cards

Some vintage Christmas cards

Lots of vintage Christmas things

More vintage Christmas things! 

We spent Thanksgiving at Monica's sister's house and it was a great time!

Cranberry sauce was served in its can-shaped form, exactly as it is grown in the wild

The chicken was really, really happy not to be a chicken on Thanksgiving Day!!!!

We made turkey cupcakes for dessert!

Monica's sister wanted us to go through her cookbooks and let us take what we wanted. We took these great cookbooks home!  

We hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving too! 

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