Sunday, October 19, 2014

Silver Sands, Here We Come!

This is the tale of our mini-vacation, October 4th through October 7th.

With a morning of saling behind us, we were set to embark on the trip we have been thinking about for weeks. We brought the morning's finds into the house and loaded the car with our pre-packed suitcase and other vacation needs. It would be a ninety minute drive through some driving rain but our thoughts were less on the drive there than they were on our destination. We were excited. Silver Sands, here we come!

We discovered Silver Sands last October while driving around on a day off together

This was the sign we saw along the road and we were intrigued. What a great sign! We drove up the long driveway to see what this great sign would show us. It said "Turn Here". We did. 

This is what we found. It was love at first sight!

This amazing neon sign is its original sign from when it first opened in 1957

"No Pets" but lots of seahorses!

Some of the rooms are painted pink on the outside...

...and some are turquoise

We stayed on the pink side

Here is the door to our room; old screen door and all!

The floor inside of our room was old atomic pattern!

We even had a pink bathroom! 

The morning view from our room was great! 

The view from outside of our room was breathtaking no matter what time of day...

...or night!

Between the sign on the road that first drew us to Silver Sands was this very rural railroad tracks. As avid fans of The Walking Dead, our first thoughts were how much they reminded us of the journey to Terminus...

...and we had a little fun taking and then altering some our our pictures to fit "The Walking Dead"

We didn't spend all of our time at the motel. There is so much to see and do around Greenport

Arcade Department Store is 100 years old. Inside, the floors and many are the shelves are wooden; probably as they were from their start.

The Greenport Movie Theatre has a great marquee! It was closed when we walked by. It is only open part of the year.

Luisa's Barber Shop isn't all that old but it is magic according to the sign. 

Any bakery sign with a duck on it is a good sign!

Goldsmith's Toys & Electronics has the best selection of rubber ducks! 

Mariachi ducks for our Cinco de Mayo parties 

Hawaiian ducks for our luaus

Christmas ducks

Halloween ducks

Zombie ducks

A chocolate Easter Bunny duck

An alien duck, a gingerbread duck and a sock monkey duck! Rob managed to convince Monica that all of these ducks were necessary and, so, they came home with us!

This World War I statue stands proudly in town. Monica's uncle's father's name is on it as a resident who served during the war. It is a great statue...

...even if it does have creepy eyes!

We stopped to take in the view on the north side of Greenport which borders the Long Island Sound. Silver Sands is on the south side and its beach is along Peconic Bay,  across from Shelter Island

On Sunday, we had breakfast at Coronet Luncheonette

It has been around since 1949 and... has a great neon sign!

It has these great stools and you can eat in booths or at the counter. We chose the counter

There is a great sign on the wall that has a soup can on it. We did not have soup

There was an old Hamilton Beach milkshake maker behind the counter. We did not have shakes

We DID have breakfast and it was great!

This was alos behind the counter. We learned that when you turn the word "hood" upside down, you get pooh! 

We ate at Claudio's Sunday night which has been around since 1870. It also has a great neon sign!

We had a drink with dinner. Rob ordered the Rob Roy (as a goof) which he had only had once before in his life. Monica ordered a Bloody Mary

There was no tiki around. The  tiki bar was closed for the season) but we brought two plastic tiki glasses from home and a bottle of wine so that they would feel useful

We found a sushi restaurant on Monday night and, although it was not old... was great and we had a great time!

We spent each night, after dinner, taking a stroll around town and enjoying the sights and some more old neon signs.

Greenport has a 100 year old carousel

The horses looked fierce!

We tamed the horses together so much so that...

...Monica trained her horse to carry her pocketbook

We heeded the request on the sign and returned all rings

In our travels, we saw this estate sale sign. We felt the need to follow it

It was more like a yard sale than the type of estate sales that we know

Monica did find this vintage sweater in the "free" box

There was a nice thrift shop in Greenport and we found a record and a couple of old cookbooks there

There were lots of antiques stores in town and we visited all of them but did not buy anything. There were lots of nice things (many of which we have) but the prices were not in our budget. After all, we are bargain hunters! 

There were many roadside attractions that were interesting enough to stop and see

A horse made of flowers and hay

A giant ear of corn

Popeye on a tractor

Rob and Popeye developed a mutual respect for each other. They both love spinach

We found a cool family farm stand along the road and Monica met Frankenstein!

The farm stand also had a sheep, a wizard, Dracula and a chef

There was also a mouse that had a lot of cheese. Rob tried to sneak up on him but he had small friends guarding the cheese!

The farm stand also had cows, a steer and an elephant that perpetually shoots water

We found this sculpture of a sea serpent on the front lawn of a house that also houses a nursery school. The guy who made these came out to greet us and told us that his sculptures were all made from recycled material.

He also had these two sculptures on the lawn. He promised to have more by next year

Of course, on the north fork of Long Island, wineries were everywhere! We did not visit any but if we did... would have been this one.

Although we were in the pink room, we took a walk to see the turquoise ones too

Our gracious host, Terry, agreed to take a picture of us in front of the amazing Silver Sands!

Here's a close up of the pocketbook that Monica took along on the trip. It was an easy choice. After all, it is wine country!

Monica posed on one of the great chairs in our room

In our room with the turquoise phone, the turquoise ash tray and the turquoise lamp. Okay, they weren't actually part of the room. We brought them with us for the picture

The weather was perfect for our trip and we posed outdoors along the beach

The seagulls came to watch us. Okay, maybe not. They were hanging around because we were feeding them

Although we did not find much in the thrift shops, we did bring a few things home

A pair of Christmas 7 inch records

A record album

An old plastic car

Some cookbooks and a vintage greeting card

On Tuesday, it was time to leave for home. After stopping for some pizza, we took a slow drive home stopping along the way when necessary... stop at a thrift shop (though we found nothing) and...

...stopping to say hello to some chickens that were just walking along the road. When Rob got out of the car, they ran up to him thinking he had food. We wish we did!

We'll miss Silver Sands but we'll be back next year. It was everything we hoped for and more! It became a place we enjoyed together. It became a place we'll return to year after year


  1. Beautiful place and i also like the walking dead. Enjoyed your walking dead recreation

  2. Thanks, Liz! The Walking Dead is great and we LOVED our vacation! (Rob)

  3. OMG I'm so glad you guys were able to stay at the Silver Sands!! I saw that place when out in Greenport a few years back and asked my hostess to follow the sign to it because I thought it might be of note. I like you was swooning over the colors and the neon. Also Greenport is such a fun little town - glad you got to eat at the Cornonet too!

    Makes me want to head up there myself!

    1. Thanks, Mod Betty! You SHOULD head out this way. Silver Sands is everything you could hope for! (Rob)

  4. OH!!! J & I have never been to The Island - been thinking of a trip, and asking around. Port Jefferson (N. Shore) - 3 Village - Stoney Brook are some of the areas that have been recommended to us, but this place looks HEAVENLY!!! It is now on our List! THANKS Rob & Monica (Monica- LOVE the dresses!!!)

    1. You MUST go to Silver Sands, svelteSTUFF! You will not be disappointed! It was great!!! (Rob)