Tuesday, October 21, 2014


This post details our adventures for the weekend of October 11 through October 13th, We expect to catch up soon!

Another weekend had arrived. There was no vacation planned but the memories of last weekend still had us smiling. It would not be a four day weekend this time but we did have three days off and we had lots of plans together. As usual, it would begin with Saturday saling. 

Last weekend, we desperately tried to find sales that were on our way out east but nothing looked even the least bit appealing. We would up heading westward last weekend and dropped our finds at home before journeying to Greenport. 

After a week of compiling a list of potential sales, we saw almost nothing worthwhile. The one that looked best was 75 minutes east of us...and just 15 minutes from where we stayed the weekend before. A second sale was in that same town and showed a hint of potential too. That became our itinerary...two sales...another trip eastward.

Our trip out east was similar to the following week...a lengthy ride in driving rain but we made it. The first sale on our list was run by one of the bigger tag sale companies and we like them a lot. The ad described the house as still having unpacked boxes from their move here from Brooklyn forty years ago. The phrase "overloaded" also sounded pretty good to us based on the pictures of an older house. 

There was a great fake fireplace in the basement that looked like the one that Rob's grandmother had in her house

It was EXACTLY like the one in Rob's grandmother's house. This is a picture of it in 1957. We have the two ceramic Santas that sit on the base of this fireplace. We will get this fireplace some day but we do not have room for it right now

This amazing cabinet also was in this basement. It was in amazing shape and we have been looking for one like this for some time. We DID bring this home with us! 

The basement was overloaded and we spent a lot of time searching through every corner with the occasional break to pose for a picture. 

There was an upstairs to search too and we spent over an hour here. By the time we were ready to leave, we loaded the car with some nice Christmas things, several old ceramic and plastic squirrels, a TWA carry on bag, a couple of records and, of course, the cabinet

We did not know a lot about the other sale on our list other than that it was a 200 year old farmhouse and that it has been there for five generations...and that it was only ten minutes from the other sale. That was important too! We saw the sign on the lawn and we knew we would see familiar faces inside. This tag sale company does not keep an updated website and we are often surprised to arrive at one of their sales...surprised but happy. Nice people and nicely run sales.

There was a lot to look through in this house. We spent a lot of time here and had to check everything two to three times. We were constantly uncovering buried items.

There was a scrapbook of amazing vintage greeting cards that we would have loved to bring home but they were expensive and we decided to pass them up. We did find a lot of other great things at much better prices. We came home with a few Christmas things, some books, a few decks of playing cards, some old postcards and an old New Year's Eve noisemaker.

In addition to the cabinet, here are the other things we found:

Some records

Some books

Travel maps, postcards, a sewing kit and a vintage greeting card

Playing cards

Squirrels! The one in the back gets mounted to a tree (we found the big one a few weeks ago...now we have both pieces of the set), The one on the right is a salt and pepper shaker missing its mate

A TWA carry on bag, Flintstones glasses (one from 1962 and the other from 1964), an old New Year's Eve noisemaker, a ceramic cheese holder and a Gurley Thanksgiving candle

Christmas elves, a Christmas candy dish and a Christmas tree. The elves and the tree are marked Japan

Lots of sputnik ornaments, several glass bird ornaments and some other Christmas things. The elf in the back in marked Japan and has "el" on his shirt. He was obviously part of a set but we did not find the "no" elf.

We had a great time on Saturday and had enough time to relax Saturday evening before our Sunday activities were to begin...it was time for the Mill Neck Fall Festival!

The Mill Neck Fall Festival is an annual event that Monica has attended with her family since she was a little girl. It is still a family event! This table is always a good place to sit down to eat the food we bought

We always look forward to pickles on a stick. They make us goofy! 

We always seem to take pictures by the big rock. Monica's brother-in-law and sister and us

The kids always have a good time, Here they are in front of the water fountain that rests not too far in front of Mill Neck Manor

Food and pickles always seem to give the kids energy. Off they race!

Peter did not win the race. He lost his shoe...twice! 

We spent Monday catching up on the weekend chores and relaxing. No matter what we do, we always have time for moments spent with each other. We love our weekends...we love the Mill Neck Fall Festival and we very much love our life together amongst the ducks! 


  1. I love how you try to blame the pickles on a stick for making you goofy!!! LOL How did you get that cabinet home in your car? Does it have glass doors at the top? Wow what a great find!

    1. Ha Ha! Okay, so they just us a little more goofy!
      Thanks, Granny Annie! We have been looking for this in good condition for a long time! We took my station wagon there and, with the back seats folded down, it fit! (Rob)