Friday, August 8, 2014

Trying To Fit It All Into A Two Day Weekend

Once again, we have fallen a little behind on our blogging. This post is all about the last weekend of July. We hope to be caught up soon!

We were back on the two day weekend schedule which, of course, is the usual but the occasional three day weekend spoils us. We look forward to that Friday or Monday vacation day and count the days until we have that extra day of freedom. This particular two day weekend was going to pass so very quickly. There was so much to do! Rob's car was at the mechanic on Saturday which meant we needed to be back in our area before 2 pm to pick up the car. This would cut into our saling a bit. We also knew we would want to visit Monica's mom. She was still in the hospital but recovering, slowly but surely, from the leg infection that sent her there. We had our usual errands to run over the weekend and a million things to do at home and we knew it would go very, very quickly. We also knew where the weekend would start...saling, as always. 

After a week of finding potential sales, we came up with only three that showed any potential. Maybe this was a good thing based upon the limits on our time. We started our journey a little earlier than usual Saturday morning in order to comfortably make all three sales on the list. With our course set and optimism in our hearts, off we went! 

Our first sale was run by a tag sale company that we know very well. The front of their sales are always set up like this.

A walk up the driveway brought us to the site of our first sale described as a sale of "vintage variety".

It had a great old screen door which we took as a good sign!

The entrance to the garage was our first stop and we could see immediately that we were off to a good start! 

The side entrance also had a great old screen door!

The basement was our first indoor area to search and there were some great old outdoor party lights. We have a lot so we decided to pass on these.

There was a pencil sharpener mounted near the basement stairs...always a good sign!

Two pictures of the main floor bathroom which was great...and it was pink!

The bathroom tile was worthy of its own picture!

There were many rooms to search and many fun things around the house. Monica tried on this hat but, in the end, she decided not to get it.

The kitchen floor was really cool and look at that stove. Although it is not our style, it was still very cool to see. We had a lot of fun in this house and found some great Christmas things, a set of Tiki salt and pepper shakers, some books, some great old McDonald's items and a few other things. Stop #1 was a success!

After getting some breakfast, we arrived at this charming house which was Stop #2. It also had a very charming sign on the door. It said that the sale was postponed due to illness. On to Stop #3

Stop #3 also had a charming sign on the door but it was just there to tell everyone that there was a sale today. We liked this sign much better. The sale was run by a tag sale company that we also know.

Another great basement floor!

We really liked these kitchen cabinets too!...

...including the ones mounted above the kitchen sink!

There was a cool old refrigerator in the basement too. This was another fun house and we found some more books and a few other miscellaneous items to come home with us. 

This was the final stop of the day and that was okay. There were constraints on our time and we had to pick up Rob's car! We made it to the mechanic and then, in two cars, pulled into our driveway with our day's treasures.

Here is what we brought home today:
A couple of records

A few cookbooks and a pair of old travel maps

Some vintage magazines

Some blue stamp and green stamp gift books. 

Some old birthday candles and a pair of sewing kits from Hills Supermarket. Rob's neighborhood supermarket as a kid was Hills

An old Halloween costume, a only booklet from Horton's Ice Cream and Gus Was A Friendly Ghost. This is an early 1960's edition. We both had this book as a kid

McDonald's cups and McDonald's straws from when Speedee was their mascot (before Ronald McDonald)

A plastic Easter Bunny and an old New Year's Eve noisemaker with a wooden handle

An old Buster Brown shoe box, an old Pepsi bottle cap (with cork underside) and Howard Johnson's matches

A ceramic squirrel (made in Japan), a pair of Tiki salt and pepper shakers (made in Japan) and an old deck of crooked playing cards
Some Christmas stuff including two pairs of spaghetti trim salt and pepper shakers made in Japan

Some old Christmas ornament hangers, a pair of very kitschy Santas and a box of vintage Christmas cards

Christmas lights, ornaments and tinsel

A four foot aluminum Christmas tree and its box

We went to only two actual sales but we found a lot of great things and we had a great time. We spent the remainder of the weekend visiting Monica's mom in the hospital and running errands. The weekend went so quickly but we fit everything we had to do into the two days we had. It may have seemed like a blur but we will always remember, as we always do, that we spent it together and, when all is said and done, that is all that really matters...that we spent the time together. 

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