Wednesday, August 20, 2014

A Much Awaited Three Day Weekend

We are still a bit behind. The post relates to the period August 7th through August 10th. We hope to be caught up soon!

A three day weekend! We were waiting for this especially since last weekend was so chaotic. Although we knew we had some obligations and, as always, some errands and household chores, we were determined to enjoy this weekend and enjoy time spent with each other. We would find time to relax and we would find plenty of time for saling. 

Although we got our new refrigerator on Wednesday, we still had not retrieved the food that we had stored at Monica's sister's house. Monica did made a quick stop there on Tuesday to pick up a package of our chicken and a package of our spinach from her sister's house and, after adding some couscous, we had a home cooked meal on Tuesday (with enough left for leftovers which we stored in the loaner refrigerator at our house). On the dawn of our three day weekend, Thursday night, we ate those leftovers before driving over to see Monica's mom in the Rehab Facility but first...we had an opportunity to start our saling early. There was an ad for an estate sale on Thursday night starting at 7pm. That was very rare! The pictures showed a set of six old Siesta Ware Hawaiian glasses. We decided to get there when they opened and see if we could get them.

We arrived promptly at 7pm and we were the second ones there. We were told that they had a few weekend estate sales in the last few weeks and they were selling what was left. There wasn't a lot but there were those Siesta Ware glasses that we saw in the picture! We also found a pair of great old Christmas stockings and one old cookbook. Our saling was off to a great start and we only needed fifteen minutes. We then saw Monica's mom who is progressing although she still has several weeks to go. She will have to get strong enough to walk again before she can come home.

When Friday arrived, we decided to go saling some more. Monica's car was in the shop for some scheduled repairs that we knew would be needed. It was a good day to leave her car at the mechanic since they close at 5pm. On a Saturday, we must be back by 2pm and that often limits our saling plans. It is rare that we can go to Friday sales (since we work Monday through Friday) but today, we had lots of time. There seemed to be a good number of sales and three showed potential so, with list in hand, off we went!

Stop #1 was described as a "whole house" containing "vintage stuff".  That sounded like a sale worth attending. There were tow floors to search but not a whole lot of things there aside from furniture. We did manage to get an autographed Louis Prima record and a pair of cookbooks so we considered the stop to be successful.

After getting some breakfast, we went to stop #2 which was an outdoor "vintage yard sale". Typically, we have found, that these are not accurately described and we wind up being a little disappointed. This sale was different. They actually DID have vintage stuff and it was a very worthwhile stop. We picked up some Christmas items, a few records and some books.

Our final stop was a sale run by a tag sale company that we know very well. Their sales usually do have some good things and our only qualm with them is that they typically have long lines at the opening. Well, it was Friday and our arrival was much later than the opening so we had high hopes. 

There were two floors to search and the basement had a mounted pencil sharpener...always a good sign!

The basement was floor was cool. There was some clutter on the floor which appears in the fringes of this picture. Monica's feet also wound up in this picture!

There was a great old television built into the wall. We did not buy the television or the wall but we did find a few things worthwhile and they came home with us. We made some great finds and it was only Friday. Since it was a three day weekend, we decided to go out for dinner on Friday and then spend a relaxing Friday night at home. It was a good start to our much awaited three day weekend.

Saturday arrived and it was saling time again. There were four potential sales on our list and they were divided into two areas; two in each. The two sales that we thought had the most potential were in the same area which was about forty minutes away. We figured we would start there and try to make the last two sales in time allowed. Off we went!

Stop #1 was listed as a "collector's cleanout" and mentioned "vintage Christmas and paper". That sounded great...and it was!

There were two packed floors and the basement had a mounted pencil sharpener. You know how we feel about mounted pencil sharpeners!

Did we mention that the floors were packed? There were a few rooms in the basement and each one looked like this. We spent two hours at this house gathering assorted vintage Christmas items, cookbooks, vintage greeting cards and assorted other holiday items. We got a lot here and all for a very, very low price!

Sale #2 was run by a tag sale company that we like a lot. They don't have too many sales on a Saturday and we were happy to go to another one of their sales. It had been months! The sales was described as a "digger" with "three generations" of stuff...and it did. 

This sale would have been very appealing to collector's of genuine rustic antiques. That is not our style but there were plenty of things to see...

...including this creepy dismembered doll. This did not come home with us but we did find some barware, some Christmas Gurley candles, a record and a few other items of interest. 

Our third stop was an unexpected one. The house next door to stop #2 was also having an estate sale. We went inside only to find very little of interest though we did pick up one Easter decoration and a newer tiki mug. By the time we were done here, it was almost mid-afternoon. We would not have time to get to the other two sales on our list before they closed down for the day. We didn't mind. We had a great time at the places we went and found lots of things that would come home to our house.

We considered saling on Sunday, too, but none of the Sunday sales were all that appealing and, while we vowed to relax a little this weekend, we knew we still had some chores to do...and so we did. 

Here are some of things that found a new home (OUR home) this weekend:
Some records

Some Christmas records

A Louis Prima record which... autographed on the back.

Some cookbooks

Some more cookbooks

Some other books

Vintage greeting cards and travel maps

Vintage Hawaiian brochures

Siesta Ware glasses, a plastic pineapple that holds hors d'oeuvres forks and a newer tiki mug

Cocktail swizzlers, birthday candles and candle holders, an old package of drink umbrellas and some mermaid and ballerina picks

An old bottle of Frothee, an old Westinghouse snack bowl, an old serving fork, a spool of trim for Monica's future projects and some Fisher Price people who sort of resemble The Village People

Some Easter items and a Thanksgiving salt shaker who is missing his mate. Yes, those creepy looking things in the unopened package on the right are bunnies...weird, creepy bunnies!

Some old cake toppers for various holidays

A vintage Christmas and a fake fur stole (Monica had this exact same one as a kid)

Some old holiday bells. We assembled two for this picture. Some are foil and some are paper

Old snowman gift toppers, a small elf and some Christmas tree cake toppers

Some other Christmas items. The angels on the top right and the figures on the bottom left are all marked Japan

A large Styrofoam reindeer, a small reindeer ornament and some ornament hangers

An electric Christmas wall hanging, a pair of wooden Christmas vehicles (marked Japan) and a ceramic Santa on a boot (also marked Japan)

Some old Christmas gift tags

Gurley Christmas candles, three plastic Rudolphs and a set of six ceramic elves marked Japan

A pair of Christmas wall hangings (marked Japan) and a pair of small Christmas stockings

A Christmas wall hanging, a pair of old Christmas stockings and a small Christmas apron

We had a great weekend and got lots of saling time in and found some fun things but it wasn't all we did. 

We picked up our food from Monica's sister's house and filled our new refrigerator and freezer. Monica decorated the front of the refrigerator :) 

We had dinner at one of our favorite Chinese restaurants on Friday night and had exotic drinks...

...but most importantly, we spent the weekend doing what we like to do...and with the person we love. The ducks were smiling. So were we.  


  1. You two really did well..WOW! love that giant reindeer head and the electrified wall hanging...those would have come home with me too!

    1. Thanks, Laurie! It would up being a pretty good weekend for saling! (Rob)