Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Move Along Quickly, Lion!

March has arrived and I guess we have to expect the lion in the beginning of the month. Since last weekend's brief warm spell, temperatures dropped precipitously by Tuesday with high temperatures never rising above the low 30's. We even had a dusting of snow during the week. Saturday called for some sun and some slightly warmer temperatures but the threat of a big snowstorm starting Sunday afternoon loomed on the horizon. Move along quickly, lion...we anxiously await the lamb! 

Saturday's plans included four sales, only one of which looked really good. The ad for that sale featured pictures of a lot of vintage toys but, realistically, we knew we would not get any of those. The dealers would be lined up hours before the start. Vintage toys sell. Nonetheless, maybe there would be some other items there that would be of interest to us. Caffeine ingested, showers taken and now dressed appropriately for the weather, off we went! 

We arrived at our first stop thinking that this was a privately run sale. As it turned out, it was run by a Tag Sale Company that we have seen before but not that often. We don't think they run that many sales. The house did have many old items inside and we found some barware, some cookbooks and four metal tables that we liked and we went home with them.

Stop #2 was at the sale that advertised the vintage toys and, not surprisingly, had a line outside. We really like this Tag Sale Company a lot but we usually have to pay the price for coming...there is almost always a line outside. That is why we chose to get breakfast before coming here. We wanted to give the siege upon the house a chance to die down before we arrived. There was still a line but it moved quickly and we were in 20 minutes later. 

What we found, when we went inside, was a great old pink bathroom and several floors to search! What we did not find was the vintage toys. All gone as expected. What we did find was some vintage booklets, some records and a cool pink plastic watering can in the shape of a swan and all, as always, at a good price from this company.

Stop #3 was about 40 minutes away and we presumed that it was a sale being privately run but we were wrong again. It was run by a Tag Sale Company that has been inactive recently (the owner explained to us that her efforts have been focused on opening a store). We had to walk up a long driveway to get to the house.

Outside was a lawn jockey that Monica quickly friended.

Inside was this very unique looking bar. The house was advertised as having "70 years of accumulation" and we did find a few things of interest among the many floors and rooms. Some cookbooks, cocktail stirrers and a ceramic cat came home with us.

Our last stop was another 20 minutes away and was nearing the tail end of its second and final day. The description of the sale did not excite us greatly but the Tag Sale Company running this is friendly and they often have good things at a very good price. There was not much here nor do we suspect that there was ever a lot of things we would have wanted from this house. There were a lot of records and we found some that we liked so the trip was not a wasted effort.

Here are some of the things that we brought home:
Four old metal folding outdoor tables in great shape. They have a little rust so we will sand them and paint them. We will discuss colors when the project gets under way.

Some Christmas records

Some more records

A 10 inch Christmas record and two 7-inch records

The 7-inch version of Music For Lovers Only is a double 7-inch record. We already had the 12-inch and 10-inch versions

Some books

Some more books

A vintage birthday card, some hardstock coasters, an old box of birthday candles and some great plastic cocktail swizzlers

A pair of old reindeer cardboard decorations and a picture frame

A plastic pink swan watering can, turkey salt and pepper shakers, an old kitchen timer, a ceramic cat and a couple of bar figures. The one on the right is missing his magnet and instrument. We have several of these and we have passed up getting damaged ones in the past. The next time that we see a damaged one, we will get it for the parts to complete this guy! 

Four sales. None were spectacular but we didn't leave empty-handed from any of them and, most importantly, we had fun together listening to the stories that each wall within each house whispered as we strolled through each of them...and there was no snow this weekend. The lamb may not be all that far away!


  1. Cute finds for your efforts! I really like the swan watering can. Very sweet!
    Happy Hunting! :)

    1. Thanks, Erica! Monica fell in love with that immediately! (Rob)

  2. I'm glad to know I'm not the only one who has multiple versions of For Lovers Only! Once again, great finds you guys - thanks for letting us tag along!

    1. That's funny, Mod Betty! The cover is so great and, when you see it in different sizes, you have to get them! Thanks for coming along with us! (Rob)

  3. Rob made the sales ladies swoon.
    He was humorous, handsome and stocky.
    So Monica got even by running
    Off with the lawn jockey.

    That is what I heard any way.

    1. ha ha ha, Granny Annie! Poetry! (Rob)

  4. Hi there!
    You both uncovered some treasures here. I LOVED the pink bathroom! It made me smile since my grandmother too had a "pink" bathroom complete with tile and toilet. I loved being reminded of her by seeing your photos and reading your words. (Funny she also had "avocado" kitchen appliances...) I miss those days! Nice find on the books and records. Spring is here least for today that is! (A balmy 45 in buffalo ny) thanks for sharing your treasures! Have a wonderful "spring ahead" weekend!

    1. Ah...yes, Kim...the days of pink bathrooms! We, too, have fond memories of them from when we were kids and love seeing them in these older, untouched homes. We're happy that this post brought back fond memories of your grandmother! We are told that we can expect 45 degrees here too! Happy "spring ahead" weekend to you (the probable title of our next post, by the way)! (Rob)