Monday, March 17, 2014

Happy St. Patrick's Day!

Another Saturday and another opportunity to go saling. The battle between the lion and the lamb is ongoing. It was a balmy 65 degrees on Tuesday but the lion roared, once again, by week's end as wind chills were in the single digits on Thursday morning. Saturday's forecast spoke of a day that would see high temperatures in the mid 40's and that seemed pretty good to us! 

We gathered a list of six potential sales on Friday night but whittled the list down to four by Saturday morning. One sale was 45 minutes away from the next closest sale and another just looked like a waste of time upon second glance. None of the sales looked really good and showed only the slightest potential but it was what we had and we had been lucky lately we went

We chose to go to this sale first, simply because it was separated by 20 minutes from the next closest sale (the other three were in a cluster). It was not the sale that we thought held the greatest promise but it did advertise "old bikes, records and collectibles" and we thought it would be worth a shot. There were few rooms to search and we did not find much. We walked away with four records and got some breakfast before moving on to stop #2.

Our second sale was run by a Tag sale Company that we know

The front doormat told us that the house was once occupied by Chuck and Marilyn. Unfortunately, Chuck and Marilyn did not hold onto their good stuff. There were a few rooms but none housed the things we like. One old baster (made from Pyrex glass), a deck of cards and some old cake toppers were the lone items we found. Two stops...two disappointments. The third stop was the one we thought would be  the best of the bunch. That stop was next on our list.

In the meantime, the day was getting warmer and the sky was filled with "warm weather" clouds. We know that these can fill the sky all year round but they just look like the types of clouds that fill beautiful summer days and it reminded us that Spring would soon be here despite the picture that the leafless, bare limbed trees painted.

Stop #3 - "Nana's house" as the ad described. It was run by Nana's descendants. It was a very quick stop. One floor to search plus the garage. Nana did not leave a lot of good things behind. We bought an old roll of shelf contact paper for 50 cents and hoped that our last stop would bring us better luck.

The sign, as we approached sale #4, warned us of zombies.

It should have warned us to move along and not waste any more time. "Grandma's attic" held nothing of interest at all. 

Four sales...four duds. We had been lucky as of late but not today. Still, it was a beautiful day, we were together and that, alone, makes it a good day.

Here are the things we brought home today:
Some records

Cake toppers, a turkey baster (with its original packaging), a deck of Pan Am playing cards and a roll of contact paper.

In the evening, those same beautiful clouds from this afternoon adorned the sky but now, they were illuminated by a beautiful full moon

Since it was a three day weekend for us (we both took Monday as vacation days so we could extend the weekend), we decided to go out to eat and chose one of the old Chinese restaurants near our house. 

We each had one exotic drink served in a Tiki mug (a scorpion and a zombie). We always share our drinks so we can each enjoy both of them

The food and our new friend made Monica smile!

On Monday, we turned our attention towards the Irish. St. Patrick's Day is here! We are making corn beef, cabbage and potatoes and they are in the crock pot right now! 

Happy St. Patrick's Day to all of you from the both of us and our little leprechaun friend! 


  1. Replies
    1. Happy St. Patrick's Day, svelteSTUFF!

  2. Happy St, Patty's to you too! My sales were all duds too this weekend.

    1. So sorry to hear that, Liz! No one had the luck of the Irish this year! (Rob)

  3. What a fascinating photograph of the moon.

  4. Thanks, Granny Annie! It's funny that you say that because my camera is pretty cheap and it just doesn't take like this very well. The moon was a billion times more beautiful than my camera will ever capture (Rob)