Sunday, January 26, 2014

Quality Over Quantity

Another Saturday arrived and, for us, that always starts with saling. January has been very snowy here and we had the second large snowstorm of the month this past week. With a gift from Mother Nature of ten inches of freshly fallen snow and no real chance of significant melting (we have had wind chills below zero at times this week), we suspect that many estate sales are being delayed until the weather improves. We searched for potential sales and only came up with four. Two of them showed some real promise and the other two were just filler in case the other two sales did not pan out. The weather report for Saturday called for some more light snow. We decided to start the day a little earlier than usual and just target the two best sales on the list. Quality over quantity. That was the plan.

Our first stop was just five minutes from our house. The Tag Sale Company that ran this sale doesn't hold a lot of sales but, when they have them, they are usually pretty good. 

Our first stop was in the garage. Rob tried to make a new friend but she seemed rather cold. What we did find in the garage made us pretty anxious to get into the house. In searching through the few boxes that were in this garage, we found a knee hugger elf, a celluloid reindeer and some old cast Christmas decorations. Could there be more old Christmas decorations in the house? We set our goal...find the room with the Christmas stuff! 

And...we did. We found some more elves made in Japan, more deer, a great Christmas decanter set and some Christmas ornaments. We even found a few records in another room. Stop #1 was a success! 

As we were getting ready to drive away, the sky was starting to look like snow was not very far off but the two icicles we saw hanging on the wire looked like angel wings. Luck would be with us today.

Stop #2 was about a 35 minute drive and, when we got there, there were lots of signs to greet us amongst the dirty snow.

This second sale was advertised as being a mid-century modern house. Monica was anxious to get inside and see! 

The sale was run by a Tag Sale Company that we know and they also run some very good sales. They are very friendly and, while some things seem to be very overpriced, we usually find some hidden, low-priced treasures .

There were lots of rooms to search and there was a pencil sharpener in the basement. Even though it wasn't mounted, a house with a pencil sharpener in the basement is usually a good sign...and it was. We found lots of great things here at a bargain price. Two sales. Two successful sales. At this point, it was still early but we were ready to call it a day. Quality over quantity. We stopped for a relaxing breakfast, made a quick stop at the store to pick up some things we needed and went home before the snow. We only got another two inches but we were safely home by this point and it didn't matter. 

Here are some of the things we brought home with us today:
Some records

A garden book, the Christmas issue of Family Circle from 1962 and some cookbooks

A Lefton Santa Claus decanter with six Santa cordial mugs and some elves made in Japan

Christmas deer and some old cast Christmas decorations

More Christmas items

Pink kitchen drawer organizers, an unused Pyrex starburst decanter and more

A glass birthday candy dish, a pineapple ash tray and some cocktail stirrers

A Gertz hat box

This was the last weekend in January and we are hoping that February turns milder and reminds us that Spring is just around the corner but until then... 

...we will make the best of whatever Mother Nature brings us...

...and we'll keep smiling...amongst the snowflakes...and amongst the ducks.


  1. Wow, good shopping weekend. Rob, you must really have long arms. The "selfies" you guys take are always so good. Or do you get someone to take your photo?

    1. Thanks, Granny Annie...we were lucky the two stops were so much fun...and thanks about the pictures. They are selfies and I do have long arms...but so does Monica! (Rob)

  2. That is sale dedication to go out in the snow!

    Glad you found some stuff!

    1. Thanks, Love Of The Hunt! It really wasn't too bad out there because we got home before it started snowing again. It was cold but we only had to brave it for the amount of time it took to get from the car to the house! It was a fun day! (Rob)

  3. Wow, a great find of Pixies!! Love that big one with the paint pallette. Those little cookbooks are so much fun to go through. My Mom had a whole set of those old cast metal figures, and I have them now. I had never thought about it before, but you are so right about it being a good sign if there is a pencil sharpener in the basement! LOL We are supposed to get 8+ inches more snow tonight, so I got up early and made a lot of stops to sales/thrifts this morning because I don't know if I will feel like going out tomorrow. Oh how I wish it would stop snowing! :)

  4. Thanks, PixieVintage! It was a pretty lucky day! That's so great that you have your mom's cast metal figures! When we were growing up, both of us had mounted pencil sharpeners in our basements and in our grandparents' basements. We associate these things now with "old house" and that is a pretty good sign! We have been given a break from the snow for now. We hope it stops by you soon too! (Rob)